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Whether you want to live better in your home, improve your energy efficiency or qualify for incentives, REenergizeCO can help uncover ways to save resources and costs in every area of your home.

As an approved contractor for Xcel Energy as well as county-funded programs, REenergizeCO is approved to assist homeowners in identifying smart efficiency upgrades and installing insulation for cash rebates and incentives.

How It Works


1. Test

Our building science professionals will test your home's energy efficiency by performing a full thermal energy audit. The audit will tell us exactly what issues are impacting your energy costs. It also enables us to identify the potential improvements and upgrades that can help you save money and electricity.


2. Tighten

Proper insulation is essential for controlling your energy bills. REenergizeCO will tighten up the building envelope to make the existing structure as energy efficient—and comfortable—as possible. We can install multiple types of insulation in your home, all of the highest quality. Often, we are able to achieve great results by retrofitting current insulation.

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3. Design & Build

Every home is unique. At REenergizeCO, we design upgrades according to each customer's specific needs and goals. From solar panels to ductless cooling and heating systems, our team will create a comprehensive plan for optimizing your home's energy efficiency. We also handle all aspects of installation and activation.

Will Solar Save You Money?
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The process to electrify an existing residential home is incentivized by the Federal Government by qualifying for a 30% federal tax credit. In addition to this there are cash rebates from local municipalities.

The local utilities have climate action goals they are required to hit. The cost to power your home is only going up. Taking control of your power production, guarantee comfort in every room, and eliminate your utility bill.

REenergizeCO is an experienced Colorado energy auditing firm. We just need two hours of your time, access to every room in your house, and your energy history found at

About REenergizeCO

We are Colorado born & raised and the community matters to us. Our expert, local technicians and whole-house energy audits are designed to help all Coloradans live more comfortably and cost-effectively in the homes they love.

Our Identity is our People

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Craig Zobec
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Casey Staley

REenergizeCO team members diagnose residential homes to determine if there are any major energy inadequacies causing high bills or discomfort. Our diagnostic process involves a very analytical approach starting with a full thermal energy audit with the use of a blower door test. This testing measures exactly how much the house is leaking, or how much insulation is or isn’t existing, and how the building envelope is performing. We take into account the homeowner and their behavior as well. We take 12 months of utility bills (if available) and plug them into our software along with all of the data points collected on the audit to make a custom report full of recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of the home.

Because we are the team diagnosing the house, we want to be the team making the improvements as well. Our install crews are led by experienced crew leads who are on site during the install process. We have the capability to install every type and make of insulation on the market. Air sealing homes to make them less drafty, and insulating the home in the right places with the right material is what we do.

Know Who You Are Hiring

Our work ethic, care for customers, and impeccable build quality has given us an outstanding reputation. All of our employees can install all of our products. We pride ourselves on having a diverse and efficient team.
We do not hire third party contractors.

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Local Colorado Company

Our company is Colorado born and raised. We service the front range and mountain communities in Colorado.

Our Talented Team

We hire the kind of people you want showing up at your house who are well educated employees.

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Xcel Rebate Top Producer

REenergizeCO has been acknowledged 6 years in a row for being an Xcel Energy Top Gun Rebate producer.

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

I’ve used reenergizeco for multiple insulation projects and an energy audit. They have good service and do excellent quality work...
Charles Byron Vaughan
Initially we reached out to REenergizeCO for only an energy audit, but found them so trustworthy and enjoyable to work...
They have a crew of hard working and very polite individuals. Excellent results in making your home energy efficient. Highly...

Green Certifications

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LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)

A LEED professional credential signifies that we are a leader in the field of energy efficiency and serve as an active participant in the green building movement.

BPI Certified Company

BPI develops standards for energy efficiency retrofit work based on sound building science. From these standards, BPI provides professional certifications for BPI GoldStar Contractors, home energy

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Memberships & Affiliations

Xcel partner
Xcel Energy Rebate Top Producer

Only approved home energy auditors are able to offer Xcel Energy home energy audit rebates. Not all auditors provide home improvement services. If you would like to know if your auditor does offer energy improvement services, you can call Excel Energy.

Energy Star Partner

ENERGY STAR is a nationally recognized mark on products, appliances, homes, and buildings. Diverse networks of 18,000 businesses and organizations have become Energy Star partners since the mark was introduced. Energy Star continues to be a powerful tool to promote energy efficiency because it is a trusted and widely recognized name and symbol.

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