Benefits of Sealing Ducts in Denver

Benefits of Sealing Ducts in Denver

As residents of Colorado, we experience all four seasons. Summer, fall, winter and spring come and go as well as show up unexpectedly on a day-to-day basis. Due to the ever changing climate we experience in this state, adequate ductwork in your home is an essential aspect of maintaining a comfortable home and keeping money in your pocket.

Properly Sealed and Installed Ductwork Benefits

There are many different benefits you can experience through having properly maintained ductwork throughout your homes. There are obvious benefits that include things such as making your home more comfortable, making your home more energy efficient, as well as making your home safer. Below are some of the more specific benefits you can experience through properly sealed air ducts in your Denver home…

Benefits of Properly Sealed Air Ducts
  • Because the energy we use in our homes is harmful to the environment, having properly functioning air ducts can reduce your impact on the planet by consuming less energy through your house as a whole
  • Helps with everyday comfort throughout all seasons (not becoming too hot in summer, or too cold in the winter)
  • For those with allergy or respiratory issues, properly sealing your air ducts can help minimize exposure to poor indoor air quality (harmful fumes, pollutants, allergens, etc)
  • Helps serve against problems such as backdraft in which harmful gasses like CO2 produced by appliances within the home are pulled back in instead of released outside
  • A malfunctioning duct can squander a heating and cooling system by up to 20%, therefore having a working system will save you money

How do I know if My Air Ducts Aren’t Functioning Properly?

There are many things you can look for to know whether or not you have a problem with your air ducts working the way they should. Here are some useful questions you can ask yourself:

What to do if You Believe Your Air Ducts Aren’t Working Properly

Due to the fact that air ducts are usually positioned in hard-to-reach areas of a Denver home, repairing them yourself can prove to be difficult. However, a number of DIY strategies can be employed in order to temporarily improve your air ducts. A couple things you can do to improve your air duct’s productivity are:

  • Seal air leaks in ducts you are able to get to (it’s widely recommended you use metal tape rather than duct tape)
  • Since it is common to find leaks at connections near the floors or ceilings, check to make sure these locations are also well sealed

While fixing things yourself can be rewarding, air ducts can prove to be difficult and many times, a professional is needed to diagnose and fix many of the problems that arise within them.

Because over 60% of a home’s energy consumption originates from its heating and cooling systems, it is essential that ductwork is working properly in order to ensure that a home is getting the most out of the system. Whether you are replacing the system or simply repairing it, working with a professional such as us, here at REenergizeCO, will enable you to save a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Having trouble heating a room? Is your home feeling stuffy? Give REenergizeCO’s Denver team a call today at (303) 227-1000, we’ll help you seal up your ducts and put money back into your pocket!

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