Insulate Your Home

Best Places to Insulate Your Home

Both in terms of comfort and costs, there’s no overestimating the importance of proper home insulation. Installing the right kind of insulation (and installing it properly) is the most surefire way to maintain an even, steady temperature inside your home while also keeping your energy bill under control.

To boot, adequate insulation helps you protect your house against long-term threats like moisture and infestation.

So where do you need insulation? The most honest answer is everywhere. Because air is sneaky and will take any available route for entry/exit, optimal energy efficiency really requires insulating your home from the roof to the foundation and every place in between. That’s certainly true here in Colorado, where we experience a dynamic climate year-round, with higher temperatures in the summers and very cold temperatures in the winter.

But we recognize that cost is a concern, and many homeowners are just looking to take their first steps toward energy efficiency without insulating every square inch.

To that end, in this article, we’re highlighting four of the best places to insulate your home. These four areas are the biggest culprits for air leaks and energy loss, so they represent the best-bang-for-your-buck insulation opportunities.

Attic Insulation

Almost all home energy experts in Colorado agree: the attic is the single most important site for insulation in the home.

Hot air rises, so during the winter months, all of your heated interior air naturally travels up toward the attic.

If the attic isn’t well insulated, not only are you sending most of that conditioned air into the attic (where no one can enjoy it) but it’s also going to escape from the attic into outdoor air. Without proper insulation, you’re essentially paying to heat your yard — and not doing a very good job at it either!

During the summer months, the opposite is true. Hot air seeps into the attic from the outside and then builds up inside, making it more difficult to cool the interior below.

Wall Insulation

Exterior walls are among the very best places to insulate your home. High-quality insulation keeps your conditioned air inside where you want it (and stops outside air from seeping in).

Interior wall insulation, meanwhile, helps you maintain consistency of temperature from room to room. As an added benefit, wall insulation can also keep sound from traveling between rooms, enhancing privacy and promoting peace within the home!

Crawlspace Insulation

Insulating crawlspaces means protecting your pipes from dangerously cold temperatures. It can also help to keep your ductwork warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Good crawlspace insulation offers several residual benefits beyond the overall energy savings. Because your pipes don’t get as cold, it means you get hot water from your faucets faster. Likewise, because the ducts maintain an even temperature, your heating and A/C unit can deliver the temperature you asked for more readily (because you don’t have to wait for the ducts to warm up or cool down).

Crawlspace insulation can also help to protect against rodents, insects, and other critters, as well as damage from moisture.

Floor Insulation

Everyone knows what it’s like to walk across a cold floor and rush for the nearest pair of socks. There’s nothing worse than a room that feels comfy from the ankles up but icy cold on your feet.

Cold or uneven floor temperatures are a sure sign of inadequate insulation. Adding insulation to your floors can stop air leaking from an upper story to the first floor (or from the first floor out to the ground below).

As with walls, insulated floors can add extra soundproofing and privacy to your home! Tired of hearing your kids stomp and scream upstairs while you’re trying to nap in the master? Insulation might be the answer! …Just another reason that floors are one of the best places to insulate your home!

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Whether it’s ripping out old insulation and installing new materials, merely adding new insulation over the old insulation, or simply sealing pesky air leaks, our professional installation team can recommend the right solution and then proceed with installation whenever it’s convenient for you. It only takes a few hours of your time.

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