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Net Zero Energy Efficient Home Colorado

Building a Zero-Energy Home in Colorado: Is It Possible?

An Honest Look at the Challenge of Constructing a Net-Zero Home in Colorado

Imagine living in a house so energy-efficient that your monthly energy bill comes to exactly $0. You’d be in the running for Mother Earth’s favorite Coloradan!

It might sound like a far-off fantasy, but this kind of home does exist. It’s called a zero-energy home (or net-zero home), and its blueprints are catching on nationwide.

As you might suppose, though, these zero-energy homes aren’t easy to build, nor are they cheap.

And while some homes are less wasteful than others, achieving true net-zero status remains a challenge. It’s fair to ask, then, whether it’s actually possible in practical terms.

So let’s look at whether your zero-energy ambitions are realistic, affordable, or even worthwhile.

The Benefits of Building a Zero-Energy Home

Why would you want a net-zero home in the first place? That answer’s easy. The benefits are myriad:

  • $0 net energy bill each year (or very close to it)
  • 0 carbon foot print
  • High resale value (who doesn’t want to buy a fully energy-efficient home?)
  • Comfortable home living (stable temperatures, no heating loss, etc.)
  • Taking part in a movement that makes the world a better place

Most people who invest in a zero-energy home are at least partially financially motivated. Home values rise at an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual energy expenditures.

In a large single-family home, that math can quickly dazzle – and that’s just the resale value, not to mention the savings you’ll experience during your tenure in the home!

The Challenge of Net-Zero Home Construction

Simply put, the biggest hurdle to net-zero construction is that it costs more… up front, anyway.

But those initial costs are offset almost immediately. According to the Zero-Energy Project, the first-year cost of home ownership looks like this:

  • Traditional Home: $24,899
  • Net-Zero Home: $22,785

That’s a savings of $2,114 in the first year alone – and those figures include both the mortgage and the energy costs. And the savings only grow from there.

Dispelling Myths About Zero-Energy Homes

It’s easy to imagine a net-zero house as some sort of hippie shack in the middle of the woods, unplugged from the world and relying entirely on a giant solar panel lifted high in the sky. That’s not what we’re talking about.

In fact, modern zero-energy homes in Colorado are:

  • Fully plugged into the grid
  • Big on solar power, but also integrated with alternative and traditional forms of energy
  • Energy-efficient in multiple ways (appliances, windows, doors, insulation, etc.)
  • Super-insulated
  • Sleek and beautiful
  • Located in residential neighborhoods alongside many traditional homes
  • More affordable than ever before
  • Extremely durable
  • Quiet, stable, and comfortable

Solar power still suffers from the stigma of several decades ago, when the technology was ahead of its time.

Today, though, it is affordable and reliable. Modern solar panels are seamlessly and beautifully integrated within a contemporary home design, and they offer measurable financial savings to homeowners.

How We Can Help You Achieve Energy Efficiency in Denver and Beyond

REenergizeCO specializes in helping Colorado homeowners reduce their energy expenditures, as well as their carbon footprint. We use our expertise and cutting-edge technology to identify your home’s energy shortcomings, and then we help you affordably correct them.

Whether you want to achieve total zero-energy efficiency in a new or existing home – or even if you just want to take a few steps in that direction – we can help.

Stop wasting money on a wasteful home. Embrace 21st century living today. Contact REenergizeCO and ask how we can help you take advantage of today’s cost-saving energy technology.