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How Long Does Fiberglass Insulation Last?

fiberglass insulation installed in the walls and ceiling of an attic

Fiberglass insulation is a durable and long-lasting solution for sealing your home. However, it doesn’t last forever, and certain conditions can reduce its effectiveness and lifespan. At REenergizeCO, we specialize in retrofit applications of fiberglass […]

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What Is Closed Cell Spray Foam?

efficiency contractor spraying closed cell spray foam insulation in the walls of a home

Closed cell spray foam is a premier insulation option for houses in the Colorado Front Range. If you are looking to maximize the energy efficiency of your home, this is likely the best choice. REenergizeCO […]

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How Do I Stop Wind Washing?

worker installing spray foam insulation in an attic wall

Wind washing insulation can help protect your home from the effects of high winds. But what is wind washing, and what areas of the house need to be sealed to prevent this issue? The Colorado […]

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How to Improve Insulation


Inadequate home insulation can pose a number of problems. Uneven heating and cooling can make rooms in your house uncomfortable, creating hot and cold spots and leading to drafts. You might also notice an unpleasant […]

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