Checkout these energy savings from one of our recent customers!

Energy Savings From One of Our Customers

Mary is a customer of REenergizeCO. She contacted us a little while back to do an energy audit of her home in Denver, CO. After we did an energy audit and some energy performance upgrades, we received this message from Mary…

Just got the Xcel bill – $152.78, compared to $249.90 last month!

The billing cycle was 3/19-4/18. The ducts were sealed on 3/24, and the insulation went in on 4/7. So this is not a complete month post-project. Also, late March & early April is often one of our lowest bills.

STILL, here are the relevant figures:

Kilowatts this period 2011 – 1575.
Kilowatts this period 2012 – 1123.

Therms this period 2011 – 86.
Therms this period 2012 – 39.



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