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How Many Solar Panels Does My Home Need?

Determining the number of solar panels that your home needs will have a lot to do with what your goals are. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you trying to lower your carbon output?
  • Are you trying to maximize your return on investment?
  • Are you trying to save as much money as you can?
  • Are you trying to have a combination of all three of these?

Most people who install solar panels in Colorado try to capitalize on 300 days of sunshine a year, while also reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their energy bills. Calculating how many solar panels your home needs starts with knowing the following:

  • How much energy your home is using?
  • How much area on your roof is usable?
  • Rebates and deals that are being offered in your area.

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How Much Solar Power Do You Need?

Determining your home’s average energy output starts with looking at past energy bills. To calculate the number of solar panels your home needs, you can multiply your home’s hourly energy output by the peak sunlight hours in Denver. After this, divide that number by the wattage of the solar panel. It is important to know that the number you come up with will also be affected by how much sunlight your roof gets, your roof’s size, and battery capacity.

If you choose to work with REenergizeCO, our solar panel experts will do all of these necessary calculations, so you don’t have to.

What is Your Current Watt Usage?

Your average watt usage is easy to find on your monthly utility bill. If you have an Xcel account, you can find your average usage in your online portal. You can also do the calculations by yourself and look at your Kilowatt Hours Used (KWh) for the month and average it out.

This average daily usage is what will be used to calculate your solar panel needs. This will be the number of kilowatt hours that your solar panels will need to produce if you want them to cover 100% of your home’s energy usage.

Remember that solar panels do not operate at maximum efficiency 365 days out of the year. Their effectiveness could be affected by lack of sunlight and other weather conditions. We recommend adding a buffer to your daily average of about 20% so you can make up for the days that they do not run at their highest potential.

How Much Sunlight is There in Colorado?

The peak sunlight hours in the location in which you live will have a direct effect on the energy that you can expect your solar panels to produce. It goes without saying that those who live in Phoenix will experience more hours of peak sunlight than those who live in Seattle. This does not mean that those who live in areas with less peak sunlight cannot utilize solar panels, it just means that more panels will be needed. Here are some peak sunlight hours across the state of Colorado:

  • Denver: 5.5 hours of peak sunlight
  • Grand Junction: 5.7 hours of peak sunlight
  • Fort Collins: 5.5 hours of peak sunlight
  • Boulder: 4.5 hours of peak sunlight
  • Brighton: 6.7 hours of peak sunlight

Solar Panel Output

There is a wide range of solar panels available on the market today. Photovoltaic panels are the ones most commonly used in residential settings and come in wattages ranging from 150 watts to 370 watts/panel. Because there is such a wide range of solar panels available, it can be difficult to know exactly which panels are right for your home. This is why the help of a professional like the ones at REenergizeCO can make the decision-making process easier. In the end, the more efficient your panels are, the more wattage they will be able to produce, meaning you will need less of them to serve your home.

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All of the above information should give you a better idea of how many solar panels your house needs. Don’t go through this important decision alone! Our professional solar panel installers at REenergizeCO will assess your roof’s architecture, sun angle, and many other factors to see if solar panels are a good fit for your home. We will also factor in aspects such as net metering in Colorado when determining what the potential ROI of a solar panel system for your home. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to save money on your energy bills and contact us today.