Energy Efficiency Upgrade/ Insulation Program

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program

Greenprint Denver is helping income-qualifying households get free energy efficiency upgrade services plus an attic insulation assessment. Regardless of whether you own or rent your home, you may qualify.

Services include:

  • Up to twenty (20) CFLs installed in the home
  • Free low-flow faucet aerators
  • Free low-flow shower aerators
  • A free programmable thermostat installed
  • Low flow toilet
  • An attic insulation assessment. If the assessment shows that you may need insulation, an insulation contractor will visit your home to do a second assessment that may result in the installation of free attic insulation.
  • Households must be income qualified to receive these free energy efficiency services. To determine if you qualify for these services, refer to this income guideline chart. (Count the number of people who live in your home, then determine the combined gross income of all wage earners in your home. )

1 resident @ $32,670
2 residents @ $43,130
3 residents @ $55,590
4 residents @ $67,050
5 residents @ $78,510
6 residents @ $89,970
7 residents @ $101,430
8 residents @ $112,890

If you think you qualify, or if you have questions about this program, call the Greenprint Denver Office at (303) 227-1000.

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