What to Look For in an Energy Audit Firm

Finding the Right Energy Auditing Company

If you decide you want to reduce your home energy usage, your next step is to find an energy audit firm that can offer you a comprehensive analysis of your home. Finding the right company may seem like a simple matter but, like hiring any contractor, it is important to do your research and find the right professional for your needs.

A home energy audit is a specialized process that is best performed by an experienced professional. Here is a look at the experience, qualifications, and skills you need in a home energy auditor:

1. Approval from Your Local Utility

More and more utilities in Colorado are offering customers rebates and other incentives on home energy audits. For homeowners, the benefits are easy to see: A more energy-efficient home means lower electricity bills.

However, being able to take advantage of rebates and incentives is generally contingent on using a contractor or company that is recognized by your local utility. These companies may be “approved,” “preferred,” “verified,” “registered,” or some other term, but ultimately they are recognized by your utility as a reputable, qualified business that meets standards for credentialing and training.

So, if you are considering a home energy audit and want to save through a program with your utility, begin your search on the utility’s website for recognized companies and contractors.

For example, the website for Xcel Energy, which serves Denver and other Front Range communities, says that “Customers must use a registered audit contractor from the Xcel Energy Home Energy Audit preferred contractor list” to qualify for a partial refund on home energy audit services.

2. BPI Certification

Knowledge of building sciences is key to understanding the issues that affect the energy efficiency of your home. One of the leaders in training professionals to understand and analyze home energy consumption is the Building Performance Institute, or BPI.

BPI has established industry-leading standards and training programs for professionals in home energy auditing and other fields. These programs train professionals to think of residential buildings as a system; rather than considering only one aspect of the home, BPI-certified contractors think about multiple issues that may impact energy consumption, including insulation and weatherization, the performance of combustion appliances, air leakage, and more.

When you work with a BPI-certified contractor, you can rest assured that the auditor will have the training and scientific knowledge to identify multiple issues that can affect home energy consumption. This is especially important if you have an older home that was built before the establishment of modern building codes.

Read more about the importance of BPI certification.

3. Comprehensive Analysis

Thorough diagnosis of your home energy issues involves multiple steps. Steps your home energy auditor will perform include:

  • Indoor and outdoor inspection of walls
  • Inspecting the foundation
  • Inspection of specific rooms and areas, such as the attic, basement, crawlspace, and foundation
  • Testing combustion appliances such as the furnace and water heater
  • Thermal imaging of your home
  • Blower door test (gauges how much air enters your home from the outside world through cracks and other openings)
  • Reviewing your energy bills to understand usage trends

Pairing experience and training with sophisticated equipment, the home energy auditor will be able to identify problems that are often invisible to the naked eye. The auditor will create a report outlining the issues and provide estimates for possible solutions.

Throughout this process, the auditor should be courteous and respectful of your home. He should also take the time to answer any questions you may have during the visit.

How REenergizeCO Can Help

REenergizeCO is an Xcel Energy registered contractor. We are also an approved Efficiency Works service provider, serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and Estes Park.

Our team includes experienced home energy auditors who are BPI-certified. These team members perform comprehensive diagnosis of your home energy efficiency, as well as provide friendly service.

Your investment in a home energy audit should result in actionable insights and estimates on how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. At REenergizeCO, we provide individualized recommendations on how you can save money on your energy bill and make your home more comfortable.

Although we offer a range of energy solutions, we will never try to “hard-sell” you on our services. Our goal with the home energy audit is to evaluate your home, make recommendations, and help you with your rebate.

If you do decide to work with us on updates to your house, we are proud to continue being your partner in energy-efficient home improvement!

Contact Our Energy Auditing Company Today

Whether you are tired of feeling uncomfortable in your home or you want to start saving money on your monthly energy bill, a home energy audit can help you identify areas for improvement and determine what updates you need for a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. The key is to find a provider with the experience, qualifications, and services to provide you with the insights you need.

Please contact REenergizeCO today to schedule your home energy audit. Our team serves homeowners in Denver, Fort Collins, and communities throughout Colorado’s Front Range.