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What Incentives Does Fort Collins Utilities Offer for Solar?

Colorado is one of the top states in the country for residential solar energy. The secret to our success lies not only in the enthusiasm of homeowners and the outstanding climate, but in the widespread support of utilities.

Support for solar largely consists of rebates and other incentives offered by the utility companies and community-owned utilities that power Colorado. One notable example is Fort Collins Utilities, which offers a solar rebate to qualified customers who install a solar home energy system.

REenergizeCO serves homeowners throughout the Front Range who are thinking about investing in solar. Our solar energy company is recognized as a Participating Solar Contractor by Fort Collins Utilities.

What Is the Fort Collins Solar Rebate?

Customers of Fort Collins Utilities who install a photovoltaic solar energy system may qualify for a rebate that partially offsets the cost of the installation. The rebate amount is calculated based on the capacity of the system.

As of February 1, 2021, the maximum solar rebate offered by Fort Collins Utilities is $1,000 on eligible residential solar energy systems.

Earlier this year, the maximum rebate offered by Fort Collins Utilities on solar energy systems decreased from $1,500 to $1,000. In spite of this change, the rebate still offers utility customers a significant monetary incentive for investing in solar energy for their homes.

Do I Qualify for the Solar Rebate from Fort Collins Utilities?

Only customers of Fort Collins Utilities are eligible for the solar rebate. If you live near Fort Collins but receive your power from another utility, you will not have access to this incentive.

Additional eligibility requirements for the rebate include:

  • 500-watt minimum capacity of solar panel system
  • The system must operate at 90 percent capacity or higher to qualify for the full rebate
  • You must purchase your solar energy system and have it designed and installed by a Participating Solar Contractor
  • Energy generated by the system cannot exceed 120 percent of the power used by your home on average in the two years prior to installation
  • Only new and eligible solar energy equipment may be installed
  • Solar panels must be free of shade between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • You must submit a rebate reservation letter with Fort Collins Utilities and install the system within six months
  • The solar energy system must be connected to the Fort Collins Utilities power grid
  • Assignment of a 20-year renewable energy credit to Fort Collins Utilities

Fort Collins Utilities has temporarily suspended the requirement that the owners of houses built prior to 2005 must arrange for a home energy audit within six months of submitting the rebate reservation letter. However, an energy audit can be a useful tool for evaluating your suitability for solar and other improvements no matter what year your home was built.

Additional Solar Incentives in Fort Collins: Net Metering

By connecting your solar panel system to the power grid, you can enjoy additional energy savings through the net metering program offered by Fort Collins Utilities. Multiple utilities in Colorado provide participating customers with credits for net metering.

In effect, net metering is a method of “selling” surplus power back to the utility. When your solar panels generate more energy than your household uses, the extra power flows back to the grid.

You will see the difference with net metering on your monthly energy bill. Fort Collins Utilities credits your account for the additional power produced by your solar energy system. Credits are calculated according to the residential electric rates.

Homeowners in Fort Collins can enjoy significant savings on the energy they generate via solar with net metering. Programs such as the solar rebate and net metering, combined with greater energy independence, provide you with multiple means of recouping your investment on a solar home energy system.

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Learn More About Going Solar in Fort Collins

More than 2,000 homeowners in Fort Collins have installed residential solar panel systems. If you are interested in joining this growing trend, it is important to work with an experienced, approved solar contractor.

REenergizeCO is a Fort Collins Utilities Participating Solar Contractor. We have helped many customers in and around Fort Collins reduce their utility bills, become less dependent on the grid, and reduce their environmental impact by installing high-quality solar panels.

We handle all aspects of setting up your solar energy system. Our energy audits empower you to make decisions about solar and other home improvements with confidence. In addition to designing and installing your solar panel system, we assist you with permitting, inspection, and applying for rebates.

Please call REenergizeCO at (970) 323-3191 today to find out if solar is right for you. Our solar energy company serves homeowners throughout the Front Range of Colorado.