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Benefits of Home Insulation - Denver CO

How Insulation Can Keep Your House Cool

There’s no doubt that proper insulation is an integral part of keeping your house properly heated in the frigid Colorado winters. But what about the role insulation has in keeping your home cool in the warmer summer months? The answer is simple: it’s just as important.

Here at REenergizeCO, our mission is to help Colorado homeowners, as well as business owners, cut energy costs throughout the year. With the growth and innovation happening in the insulation realm, we’re confident that we can insulate your home in a way that can keep you comfortable throughout the year.

With summer quickly approaching, keeping your home cool is a very important aspect of life. Below, we will examine how proper insulation can contribute to keeping you comfortable this summer.

How Insulation Contributes to Interior Temperature

While most people see insulation as the ugly fuzzy stuff  that resides in attics and behind drywall that keeps you warm during the winter, it is really much much more than that. Without proper insulation in your home, the miserable, cold winter months can very easily turn into hot and sweaty summer months.

During the warmer months in Denver, the heat in your home is continuously searching for cooler places to hide. Therefore, it is drawn to places like inside the walls of your home. As a consequence, without the proper insulation, heat will sneak through and drive the interior temperature up. This, of course, leads to what most homeowners fear, higher cooling costs.

Therefore, with the hotter summer months on the horizon, the proper measures need to be taken in order to ensure that your home is able to trap  this coveted cool air.

Where is My Cool Air Escaping To?

Almost a third of the cool air in your home is lost due to improper insulation located in different spots throughout it. For example, a knee wall (the area used to support rafters), crawl spaces, and skylights are all examples of spaces in a home that require proper insulation in order to provide comfortability year round.

In order to optimize energy usage and keep the cool air within your home, these holes and leaks must be covered. This will ultimately lead to your comfort throughout the seasons.

Failure to maintain proper insulation allows for cool air to creep out of the home which will cause the house to fail to maintain a consistent temperature.

When you have proper insulation, there is a much lower chance of air escaping and your house, in turn, will be able to maintain a consistent temperature and save you a ton of money!

What Form is Best? Spray Foam Versus Traditional

A fantastic thing about using spray foam insulation in your house is the fact that it expands to fill any sort of crack, crevice or spot where air can leak through the walls of your home. Older and more traditional types of insulation are not able to expand this way on their own leaving space for hot air to creep through. Below is a list of advantages spray foam insulation carries over the older, more traditional forms:

Spray Foam Insulation Traditional Insulations
During the summer months, it operates as a roadblock, trapping cold air in and keeping warm air out During the summer months, operates more like a filter, keeping bigger parcels of cold air in but letting cool air leak out and warm air from outside leak in
Spray foam is always undergoing rigorous testing in order to meet evolving building codes Tends to struggle in terms of keeping up with evolving codes
While most spray foams reject water, should there be any leaks foam is easily replaced and repaired Retains water, which can lead to costly damage to the home, harmful mold growth, lessening the functionality of the insulation itself
Because it expands and fills holes, spray insulation molds itself to its surroundings enabling it to stay in place over extended periods of time Because it does not expand and stick to its surroundings, traditional insulation can move and be displaced causing gaps through which air can escape or invade space

While the above reasons carry a ton of weight in terms of keeping the temperature of your home cool during the summer, spray foam insulation holds other advantages over traditional forms in other categories such as: sealing out allergens and other harmful pollutants from the home, having a safer installation process, as well as not providing a space for pest infestation due to their lack of nutrients.

REenergizeCO is a reputable insulation company in Denver.    We are more than happy to visit your home or business today and serve your insulation needs.  We provide professional service throughout Denver, and around the entire front range of Colorado.  Our goal is to make sure we create an airtight seal throughout your home to ensure comfortability year round!

Contact us  to ask how we can help with sealing in your cool air today!