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REenergizeCO is the most reliable insulation contractor in Loveland!

We install both Cellulose and Fiberglass insulation for attics, walls and floors of homes and small businesses in the Loveland metro.

Blown Fiberglass Insulation in Attic

Heat passes through ceilings, walls, and floors from the warm side to the cool side. Insulation slows this transfer of heat out of a heated house in winter and into a cooled one in summer. A well-insulated house requires less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and translates directly into smaller energy bills. If you have a home or small business in Loveland that doesn’t maintain a temperature, give us a call to get an estimate to install insulation in your home (303) 227-1000!

Why Should I Add Insulation?

The leading cause of energy loss in a home is inadequate insulation. Adding insulation to your attic or walls will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You will save money on your utilities and your home will be more comfortable with an even temperature throughout the house.

How Much Insulation Do I Need?

The amount of insulation needed is determined by the type of R-value insulation you use. For loose fiber insulation such as cellulose, multiply the R-value of your insulation by 3.7 to get the depth in inches needed. For fiberglass insulation multiply the R-value of your insulation by 3.2 to get the depth needed.

What Type of Insulation Do I Need?

The climate in Loveland varies drastically! One day it could be 70 and sunny and the next day 20 degrees. The US Department of Energy has set a recommended R-value for different climates and heat source. Denver requires a higher R-value than an area that does not share our cold weather such as Phoenix or San Diego.

If you live in Colorado and you use electric heat, it is recommended you use R-49 in your attic, R-22 in your walls, R-19 in your basement and R-25 in your floors.

If you use natural gas to heat your home, it is recommended you use R-49 in your attic, R-18 in your walls, R-11 in your basement and R-25 in your floors.

In the video below, Casey measures the insulation of an attic. He tells us how REenergizeCO will increase the level of insulation in the attic to qualify for the Loveland Energy Challenge.

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What does the R-value of Insulation Mean?

Home insulation is identified and rated based on it’s “˜R-value“˜. The R stands for resistance to heat flow. This means the higher “˜R-value’ insulation has, the greater effect it will have against heat transfer.

Do I Need Insulation in my Crawl Space?

We get this question often and our answer is always yes. This video will explain how insulation in your crawl space can save you money on your utility bills in Loveland, CO.

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If you are considering adding insulation to your Loveland home or office, give us a call for a free insulation estimate (303) 227-1000