Solar Power Maintenance

Reasons Solar Power Systems Have Low Maintenance

Many homeowners are surprised to learn, though, that solar power systems require next to no maintenance — for many years to come.

How can that be? Here are seven reasons solar power systems have low maintenance.

1. They Last 25 to 30 Years

On average, newly installed residential solar power systems are expected to last anywhere from 25 to 30 years before needing any significant maintenance.

At REenergizeCO we only use the highest quality products, so our panels will last a minimum of 25 years and will last well beyond 30 years.

That means new homebuyers in their early 30s will likely be in their 60s before they ever have to pick up the phone (or whatever we’re using by then) to call a specialist for maintenance.

Experts say that even after three decades with no significant maintenance efforts, most home solar power systems will still be performing at 85% or better.

2. They Don’t Have Moving Parts

It’s a simple principle of mechanics: more parts, more problems. Solar power systems involve relatively few parts, and none of them move. That’s one of the key reasons solar power systems have low maintenance. There isn’t a lot of opportunity for things to break down.

3. They’re Designed to Sit on the Roof… in the Sun

Homebuyers sometimes worry that solar power systems will weather in the sun. But remember: sitting in the sun is what solar panels are all about, and they’re designed for that very purpose. The special materials used in solar power systems are made to withstand intense and prolonged sunlight. They’re built to endure the everyday rigors of outdoor life too.

4. The Cleaning Is Easy and Infrequent

The hardest thing about cleaning solar panels is driving to the store and buying a water hose. Because that’s all it takes. (Just avoid very cold water, and don’t spray them during the peak heat hours of the day, as extreme temperature differences can cause problems.)

If the panels appear to be dirty, they can get a spray to clear the panels of dirt, dust, grime, pollen, leaves, and bird droppings.

If you don’t want to bother with a water hose, there are professional solar panel cleaning services available (usually averaging a few hundred dollars per cleaning). Some homeowners even go so far as to install solar panel sprinkler systems on their roofs. But you don’t have to do all that. A water hose is good enough in most cases.

5. Warranties

Perhaps most important among all the reasons solar power systems have low maintenance: the warranty.

Most of today’s solar power systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty, often guaranteeing 85% performance for 25 years or more.

These warranties lend considerable peace of mind to the “set it and forget it” homeowner. Should an unexpected problem ever arise, the solution is a warranty call away.


Have an existing solar power system without an adequate warranty? In most cases, you can buy one after the fact.

6. Increasing Availability of Good Materials

The solar power market has made huge strides over the last decade or two. As solar panels become the new normal in home construction, newer and better materials are taking their place in the market. Higher-quality materials can mean better performance, increased energy savings, and lower maintenance. Talk to your home solar power energy company about the materials they use.

7. Solar Panels Mean Less Work for Your HVAC

We can’t talk about the reasons solar power systems have low maintenance without mentioning one ancillary but important fact: solar panels can prolong the life of your HVAC too.

When properly installed, solar panels in Denver can make a substantial difference in how much your home relies on its HVAC to maintain a steady, comfortable temperature indoors.

Less work for your HVAC can mean lower maintenance and a longer life for your heating and air conditioning unit — one of the most expensive machines in your home.

Hire REenergizeCO as Your Solar Power Energy Company

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