Featured Story in the Denver Post

REenergizeCO Feature Story in the Denver Post

Recently, REenergizeCO was featured in an article about Energy rebates in Colorado. The story featured a customer of ours who hired us to complete a home energy audit. After the energy audit, we found the customer’s home was not nearly as efficient as it could be. After discussing all of her options and what energy rebates she qualified for, we decided to complete the following services:

  1. Air duct sealing
  2. Added Attic insulation
  3. Added Wall insulation
  4. Added Crawl Space Insulation
  5. Installed energy efficient dishwasher

All said and done, the customer ended up spending $3,800 on the above services and we helped her find $1,100 in rebates. She will be left with lower utility bills and a much more efficient home.