How Long Do Solar Panels Last

How Long Can You Expect Solar Panels To Last?

It seems as though because solar panels have a glass layer and they seem vulnerable to weather on the roofs of homes, that people seem to be skeptical about their durability.

At REenergizeCO, we have many people ask us the question, “How long will my solar power system last?” While this is a fair question to ask, many are surprised to find that solar panels have a longer lifespan than they expect.

The True Lifespan of Solar Panels

Solar panel systems are very durable as they are made of tempered glass which can withstand all of Colorado’s extreme weather conditions. In fact, solar panels are so durable that they can protect the roof of your house from wear and tear. REenergizeCO offers a 25-year protection-based warranty on all of the solar electric power systems we install throughout Colorado. We will also provide monitoring and maintenance on the systems we install for ten years after the install as an added bonus for you!

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the photovoltaic degradation rates of the average solar panel is  close to a half of a percent of efficiency each year that it is in use. This means that at the end of REenergizeCO’s 25-year protection-based warranty the solar energy system for your home should work at an 88% rate. The decade-long lifespan of solar panels makes the economic sensibility of switching to solar power even better, as a solar panel system will pay for themselves within the first ten years.

Solar Panels Against Extreme Weather

The solar cells which are responsible for creating the electricity from sunlight are extremely fragile. However, there are multiple sturdy layers that lay over these cells including a layer of high-impact, tempered glass. These layers have all been tested to meet international standards.

This industry testing includes tests where the panels are exposed to extreme temperatures, high humidity, strong winds, and heavy loads. They are also exposed to simulated hail storms which blast them with 1-inch diameter hailstones traveling at 51 miles an hour.

A fantastic real-life example of the durability of these solar panels happened right in our backyard. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory experienced a hailstorm that rained down hail nearly 2.75 inches in diameter causing horrific damage to roofs in the Golden area. The NREL facility had over three thousand solar panels on site, and only one of them was damaged in the storm.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Once solar panels are installed, they tend to be very low-maintenance. This is largely the case because they have no moving parts within the system. Essentially, they are a “set it and forget it” system. The only maintenance cost that will be certain throughout the lifetime of a solar energy system is the inverter, which usually needs to be replaced after roughly 15 years.

Maintenance is very minimal when it comes to the residential solar systems that REenergizeCO installs. As was mentioned above, we will inspect your system for up to ten years after installation as an extra bonus to you. Really, for the customer, a solar panel system calls for no maintenance by their own hand when they work with us.

Colorado Solar Company

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