Solar Power Maintenance

What Kind of Upkeep Required for Solar Panels in Colorado?

Studies have shown that concerns about maintenance can be a major barrier to entry for any new technology.

Even once they are convinced that solar panels will increase their home value and save them money, for example, many homeowners will still avoid anything that is likely to require significant maintenance.

Indeed, one of the first questions we hear from on-the-fence homeowners in Colorado is, “Will my solar power system need maintenance?”

Fortunately, we have good news:

Major Maintenance Rarely Required

Today’s solar panels require next to no maintenance. They don’t have moving parts, they are designed to withstand intense sunlight (it’s kind of their whole raison d’etre), and they hold up well in a variety of climates and weather patterns.

In fact, the average residential solar panel system is expected to perform consistently for 25 to 30 years with little to no maintenance.

Even after three decades of use and no significant maintenance, experts project that the average homeowner can still expect their panels to deliver at least 85% of peak power performance.

But Some Basic Cleaning Is a Good Idea

Experts do encourage homeowners to wash dirt and dust off their panels a few times a year (recommendations range from two to four times a year). Let a general visual inspection of the panels’ surface be your guide.

The idea is to clean off anything that might block sunlight on any part of your panel, for example:

  • Bird droppings
  • Leaves
  • Pollen
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Grime

Wondering how to clean your solar panels? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Turn on your garden hose.

That’s it! You’re done. A simple spray of the hose is sufficient in most cases. Experts recommend doing it in the morning or evening and to avoid very cold water (you don’t want an extreme temperature difference between the water and the panel’s surface, as this could cause the panels to crack).

Don’t want to mess with a hose? There are professional solar panel cleaning services available. Some people even install solar panel sprinkler systems on their roofs. But you don’t have to go that far. A garden hose gets the job done in most cases.

“Will my solar power system need maintenance?” you ask. A lot less than your yard does, that’s for sure!

Solar Energy Warranties Lend Peace of Mind

Most solar panel manufacturers offer a warranty that covers your solar panels for years to come. In fact, many warranties will guarantee 85% performance for 25 years or more. And if your panel didn’t come with a warranty for some reason, you may have the option to buy one after the fact.

Anyone worried about whether their solar power system needs maintenance can find tremendous peace of mind in a warranty. In the unlikely event that substantial maintenance is required, the warranty is there to save the day.

Low-Maintenance / No-Maintenance Solar Power Systems Are Catching on Fast

The push for solar power in the United States has been a long time coming. In the early years, it seemed like a fantasy. And even as recently as just a few decades ago, solar power still seemed like a nice idea but impractical for the average American.

But all that has started to change — rapidly. In fact, in newly constructed neighborhoods, solar power panels are now the norm.

  • 2011 was the first year that residential homes (not commercial businesses) became the biggest adopters of solar power, a trend that has stuck around ever since.
  • 2016 was the first year that the number of residential solar adopters in America doubled within a twelve-month period. That was the same year that solar ranked #1 for the first time as the most commonly installed source of power.
  • And now that California plans to require solar panels on new homes, most of the new homes in that state are expected to have solar power by 2020. While Colorado hasn’t gone to quite those lengths, Denver isn’t far behind, now ranking #8 nationally for solar panels per capita (and #9 for solar capacity).

So what has changed? Well, solar power has gotten more efficient, more reliable, more affordable, and more attractive. Not only do today’s panels look nice, but they’re attractive in another sense too — they come with big tax incentives, lower energy bills, increased home value, and peace of mind.

Undoubtedly, the revelation that solar power systems don’t need much maintenance has helped to drive widespread adoption here in Colorado too.

Will you solar power system need maintenance? Not much at all. And as more people catch on to that answer, the number of solar panels in Denver and Fort Collins will continue to grow.

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