Solar Panel Hail Resistance

Solar Panels vs Hail

Many people considering solar panels worry about their durability, and we are often asked, can solar panels withstand hail? It’s true, we do get some wicked hail storms that wreak havoc on cars and roofs, but solar panels are built to withstand the severe weather our great state sometimes experiences.

Because solar panels are installed on the roof they are specifically designed to cope with hail and the likelihood of damage is extremely rare. First, because the panels are installed at an angle they usually only receive a glancing blow from hailstones. The panels are constructed with durable tempered glass over other protective layers to keep the more fragile pieces safe from weather damage. Within the industry solar panels are put to the test with exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, hurricane force winds and heavy loads similar to snow. They are also exposed to simulated hail storms, blasted with one-inch hailstones going 50+ miles per hour.

In a real-life test of their durability right here in Colorado the National Renewable Energy Lab’s thousands of solar panels were pummeled by hailstones up to 2.75 inches in diameter, the size that can be very destructive, but of the 3000 panels hit only one was damaged! Having solar panels on your roof can actually protect it from normal wear and tear and hail damage.

We guarantee our solar panels with a 25-year protection-based warranty and also provide monitoring and maintenance for 10 years after installation. That’s how confident we are in their ability to withstand a Colorado hail storm.

The experts at REenergizeCO would gladly discuss your concerns and answer your questions regarding solar panel durability. Contact us today!