5 Ways to Save Energy

male hand adjusting smart home settings on tablet

Recently we wrote about how Xcel Energy has increased rates in its move to time of use pricing. The rate hike triples what hundreds of thousands of customers in and around the Denver area can […]

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What to Look for in an Energy Audit Company

What To Look For In An Energy Audit Company

Home energy audits are increasingly popular, and the companies claiming to provide them are increasingly common. So how do you know which one to trust? You aren’t the only one asking that question. We find that a lot of people know why they want a home energy audit. But understanding exactly what the audit is in the first place? That’s a different story.

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Fort Collins Home Energy Audit

Fort Collins Energy Audit

REenergizeCO is a full service energy audit contractor operating in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our services aim to assist homeowners in identifying areas of their home that are not performing efficiently, and giving them options on how to improve them. Improvements begin with a whole house energy audit that brings a certified building performance analyst to your home for diagnostic testing that screens your home for under-performing windows and doors, air flow allocation, wall and attic insulation performance and air sealing detection.

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Get Free Home Upgrades To Reduce Energy Bills

home upgrades to reduce energy bills

DENVER (CBS4) Houses are hot and energy bills are high, but there may be some free help to offer. The city of Denver is reaching out to families to help them reduce their energy needs. Many residents might be surprised at what help they can get free of charge.

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