What Causes Cold Floors in My Home?

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Getting to the Bottom of Inadequate Crawl Space Insulation

There’s nothing worse than crawling off the couch or out of bed, planting your feet to the floor, and instantly recoiling at the sudden sting of cold.

Heating your home can be a challenge, and the floors are especially difficult to get just right. First-floor flooring is particularly problematic.

So what causes cold floors? There are a few factors at play, and for the most part, it comes down to simple science.

In this article, we’ll look at how heat works in your home, the role that your building materials might be playing, and how inadequate crawl space insulation is at fault for most cold floors.

No one should have to feel so uncomfortable in their own home that they can’t touch the ground without thick socks and slippers. We want to help you reclaim comfort in your daily life “ even in those early morning and late evening hours, when Jack Frost comes calling all year long.

Science Is No Friend to Floors

As we all learned in elementary school science class, warm air rises. It displaces cold air, which sinks to the ground. And as the warm air at the top cools, it starts to sink as well. The cycle never ends!

If you have a two-story house, you’ve likely found that the upstairs is generally warmer, and that’s great for anyone sleeping on the second floor. But your downstairs ought not be a no-go zone for the whole winter.

Fortunately, as if often the case, science has answers for its own biggest problems. There are simple solutions to beating nature’s chilly ground air at its source.

Some Floors Are Harder to Heat Than Others

Certain kinds of flooring materials are naturally colder than others. In rooms where coziness really counts “  bedrooms, for example, and family dens ” consider carpet. It’s softer, warmer, and can feel very inviting.

But modern trends favor hardwood and tile floors in common areas and kitchens. Those materials tend to be cooler, as does linoleum. So if you have hardwood or tile in large parts of your house, you’re inevitably dealing with colder floors.

You could always carpet your whole house, but that’s expensive and maybe not your style. Worry not; there’s a better way.

In the short term, consider adding large area rugs in these rooms “ the thicker the rug, the better. They can make a moderate difference.

In the long term, though, you’re better off putting that investment toward the real culprit: inadequate crawl space insulation.

How Inadequate Crawl Space Insulation Causes Cold Floors

Getting crawl space insulation right the first time (that is, when the house is being built) is so important. Not only does the insulation there matter a lot but it’s also more difficult to re-address after the fact.

Unfortunately, too few homebuilders put enough emphasis on crawl space insulation, and skimping in that area is an easy way to cut down on construction costs. But the natural consequence is a cold floor from one room to the next.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, improving your crawl space insulation is the most effective and worthwhile way to solve your cold floor problem once and for all. It’s science’s best answer to nature!

As a Colorado home energy auditing firm, we get calls nearly every day from families frustrated with their cold flooring. They invite us into their homes, and in under two hours, we’re able to pinpoint the precise cause of all their energy-related problems, from air leaks in the attic to inadequate crawl space insulation beneath the floor. And as an approved Xcel contractor and Energy Star partner, we’re able to make the recommended improvements ourselves “ affordably and efficiently.

In rooms that are built atop a basement or a garage, floor insulation becomes even more important, since the spaces beneath are neither temperature-regulated nor thoroughly insulated. Here again, our home energy audits are designed to find the best opportunities to cut down on heat loss and reduce your monthly energy bills.

It’s our belief that a comfortable home is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, and that goal is achieved from the ground up.

Say Goodbye to Cold Floors Today

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