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Whole House Fan vs Air Conditioner

Whole House Fan vs. Air Conditioning

A fan for your whole house  might sound like a layman’s description of an air conditioning unit “  or maybe like an A/C alternative that couldn’t possibly pass muster.

But in actuality, the whole house fan is an innovative approach to cooling your home that isn’t nearly as rudimentary as the term might imply.

Start cooling your home more strategically and cost-effectively.

Here at REenergizeCO, we’re obsessed with bold new ideas that help homeowners and businesses cut down on their energy costs.

In today’s exciting world of home energy innovation, there are so many changes people can affordably make to boost their quality of life and trim their monthly budgets. A whole house fan is one of these.

Below, we’ll look at how these fans work, how they compare to other cooling options, and why it often makes sense to incorporate a whole house fan even if you already have an A/C system you like.

How Does a Whole House Fan Work?

A whole house fan is typically placed inside the attic floor of your home, but it is not an attic fan. Attic fans, which may be better known, only focus on pushing the hot air within your attic to the outside. The attic fan’s impact is limited because the only air it circulates out is located above your insulation, and it doesn’t bring new air in.

Whole house fans, however, pull hot air out from inside your home and then replace it with cooler air from outside.
The whole house fan begins by drawing air in through windows. That air is then exhausted through the attic and out of the roof. These clever fans are capable of providing between 30 and 60 air changes within your home each hour.

Whole House Fan vs. Air Conditioning: Can I Ditch the Latter?

Compared to an air conditioning unit, whole house fans are much less expensive to operate, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient at cooling.

In most parts of the country (including Colorado), and during most parts of the year, a whole house fan can adequately substitute for an A/C system and provide a lovely living environment.

Even during hot summers, many families with a whole house fan and no A/C say they are quite comfortable. For added comfort during those warmer months, it helps to use ceiling fans and circulating fans (such as in-room floor fans).

Want to Keep Your A/C but Still Save Money?

We find that many of our clients aren’t ready to say goodbye to air conditioning altogether, but they do want to cut those summer cooling costs.

Here’s where a whole house fan has its most practical value.

By cutting off your air conditioning at night and allowing the whole house fan to run instead, you’ll cool your home considerably, and those benefits extend well into the next day.

So even on hot days when you really want the A/C, you won’t need to turn it on until late afternoon “  and then you turn it off again just a few hours later! Your home stays delightfully cool all summer, and at a fraction of the cost.

How We Can Help with Whole House Fan Installation in Denver, CO

We’re happy to visit your home and help you decide if a whole house fan might make a difference for your family. REenergizeCO provides professional whole house fan installation in Denver and throughout the state of Colorado. Learn more about our low pricing for these services here.

Give us a call and take your next step into 21st century living today. Contact REenergizeCO and ask if a whole house fan might make sense for you.