Installing Solar Panels in Colorado

Why Are Solar Panels Good for Colorado?

You’ve likely heard that Colorado experiences an average of 300 days of sunshine each year. This fact by itself should prove that Colorado is an ideal state for solar power.

However, the prevalence of sunny days is just one reason that more and more homeowners throughout Colorado are investing in solar panels for their homes. Keep reading for additional reasons why solar panels in Colorado are so popular:

1. Affordability

Improvements in technology and growing enthusiasm for solar energy in Colorado have resulted in lower upfront costs. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the price of solar in Colorado has decreased by 38 percent in the last five years.

Today, the SEIA reports that 3.71 percent of the electricity in Colorado is generated through solar. Nearly 300,000 homes in the state are powered by solar panels. With these statistics, Colorado is ranked 12th in the nation for solar power.

The solar industry has invested over $3.797 billion in Colorado. This has resulted in improved, affordable access to solar panel systems for homeowners and business owners alike – a trend that is expected to continue with projected growth of 3,320 megawatts generated through solar in the next five years.

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2. A Favorable Climate

The flip side of our many sunny days is the famous Colorado winter. Wintertime can bring snow, ice, and winds, which might make homeowners hesitant about installing solar panels.

The good news is that “A”-rated solar panels are built to withstand these conditions. Furthermore, during the winter Colorado tends to go through a number of freeze-thaw cycles. As a result, snow and ice tend to get melted by the sun before they impact your solar panels’ productivity.

You should never have to get on the roof to clear ice and snow from your solar panels. This will reduce your risk of taking a nasty fall, as well as prevent you from inadvertently damaging your solar panels.

3. Utility Support for Solar

Multiple utility companies in Colorado offer incentives for homeowners who install solar panels. For example:

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy, which provides power to much of the Front Range and other areas of Colorado, offers a Solar Rewards® program. Homeowners and business owners have the opportunity to receive monthly payments (known as renewable energy credits) for the excess energy generated by their solar panel systems. In effect, you get paid for selling power back to the grid!

Xcel Energy also allows homeowners to save through net metering. You can save on energy bills by electing to roll over credits from the surplus electricity your solar panels generate.

Fort Collins Utilities

Fort Collins Utilities, meanwhile, offers solar rebates of up to $1,500 for customers who install solar panels. The amount of your rebate is calculated based on the size of your system and how much surplus energy it produces.

4. Favorable Policies

Colorado has launched a program designed to encourage the adoption of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly projects. The Colorado RENU Loan gives homeowners low-cost, long-term financing options for a wide range of sustainable home improvements, including solar power systems.

The RENU Loan can cover up to 100 percent of the cost of projects ranging from $500 to $5,000. Homeowners can enjoy fixed interest rates on terms of 3, 5, 7, 10, or 15 years.

In addition to financing options through the state and incentives from your local utility, you can also take advantage of the federal solar tax credit. If you install solar panels in 2021, you will enjoy a deduction of 22 percent on the cost of this energy-efficient improvement.

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5. An Experienced Solar Workforce

Not only is Colorado good for solar, but solar panels are good for Colorado. According to The Solar Foundation, Colorado boasted more than 7,100 solar jobs in 2019 (the most recent year of data). This number is expected to increase as solar energy continues to grow in popularity among homeowners and businesses.

Installation accounts for the majority of the 7,000-plus solar jobs in Colorado. So, you will have your choice of contractors to install your system.

That said, it is important to look for an experienced, qualified crew to install solar panels. The team you choose should be able to assist with all aspects of the project, from measuring the system for your home to determining the proper position of the panels to the installation job itself.

Learn Why Solar Panels  Are Good for You and Colorado

The first step to find out if solar power is right for you is a comprehensive home energy audit. A certified building performance analyst will evaluate your home to determine what energy-efficient improvements can help you save money and reduce your dependence on the grid.

At REenergizeCO, we have extensive experience performing home energy audits and advising homeowners of their opportunity to go solar and make other positive changes in their energy consumption.

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