Learn how you can save energy with a home energy audit. REenergizeCO staffs certified professionals that use state-of-the art equipment to analyze your home’s performance. Find out how an energy audit can lead to big savings.

What Is an Xcel Energy Audit?

Xcel Home Energy Audit

Whether they want to save money on their monthly electric bill or they are concerned about their carbon footprint, many homeowners want to reduce their energy consumption. Before you can reduce your usage, however, it […]

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What Does a Home Energy Auditor Do?

Home Energy Auditor at Work

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills and help the environment, getting started can be overwhelming. You might know that your old thermostat is inefficient or you have windows that […]

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Why are the Rooms in My House Different Temperatures?

Thermal Image of Home

The colder weather is here. This time of year not only affects the temperatures outside but inside as well. Have you recently been experiencing cooler temperatures in various rooms throughout your home? Is one room comfortable and the next cold? This issue is not uncommon and happens homeowners all over Colorado. The good news is that this problem can be fixed, and is usually attributed the issues that we point out in the following post.

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