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Whole House Fan vs Attic Fan

Although installed in your attic, there is a big difference between an attic fan and a whole house fan. Attic fans only concentrate on circulating the air out of your attic. This air is above your insulation and does not have as big of a cooling effect as circulating the air inside of your home below your attic insulation. A “whole house fan” is designed to pull hot air from inside your house and replace it with cooler air from outside.

Why a Whole House Fan?

A whole house fan is economical as it does not require much electricity to run (cheaper than running an air conditioner) and are actually quieter than other home cooling methods. Home energy improvement experts agree a whole house fan can run much more efficient than the operating cost of an air conditioner.

What If I Already Have an Air Conditioner?

Whole house fans are really a simple science. Homes have natural air exchanges of .5 to 2, so when you exaggerate this air exchange throughout the night, the fan that uses only 120 watts to operate, can cool the house to 60 degrees by morning. This allows 2 things to happen, the AC unit doesn’t run at night at all, and the AC unit won’t need to turn on until late in the day to help cool the home. This saves hours of AC run time which results in savings on summer electric bills.

You can reduce your home energy bills by installing a whole house fan!

Whole house fans are more than double the efficiency of an attic fan when properly installed.

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