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Ductwork is used to move hot and cold air throughout a home. Proper installation and design are key to keeping your home comfortable and your energy bills low. It is extremely important for the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling systems that you have adequate systems of tightly sealed ductwork.


Ductwork Installation and Modification

REenergizeCO offers full ductwork modification, installation, and repair services that will exponentially improve the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling systems. Heating and cooling systems can be responsible for 65% of a home’s energy consumption. Channeling that energy properly will save you a significant amount on your energy bill. Replacing or modifying the existing ductwork of a home is a great way to improve the home’s energy efficiency.

Homes built before the 1990’s typically have inefficient ductwork systems that should be replaced to achieve optimal home comfort. Duct systems installed before the 90’s were not designed with efficiency in mind and they are often too small or too large to carry the amount of air the house needs to remain comfortable. Older homes commonly have ductwork that isn’t suitable for handling the airflow produced by contemporary heating and air conditioning units which may cause premature wear on your furnace and air conditioner. Redesigning and replacing your duct system with a more contemporary layout will improve airflow and efficiency. REenergizeCO can offer your old home’s ductwork a new, highly efficient solution.


Duct Leak Inspection in Denver

Leaking air ducts are a major source of energy loss. Faulty duct systems are responsible for leaking 20% of the air that passes through holes, poorly sealed or connected joints, and fallen ducts. If you experience stuffy rooms that never feel comfortable, are hard to heat and cool, or have high utility bills you likely have poorly performing ducts.

REenergizeCO uses both a blower door test and a CFM test to detect any leaks in your home’s ductwork. These tests are done by sealing the registers of the home and raising the pressure of the air in the ducts to measure the amount of duct leakage in the system. If the ductwork is tightly sealed, less air will need to be forced into the system to raise the pressure of the air in the ducts. Properly sealing air ducts can make your home much more comfortable and safe. Indoor air quality is improved by sealing air ducts. Without sealing ducts, dust and debris can enter the system aggravating allergy symptoms. Along with making your home safe, sealing ducts will also save you money. Sealing ducts can increase efficiency and may even reduce the size of the heating or cooling system you need to control the temperature of your home.


Have you ever said, “I am not getting enough air into a room.”?

This is a popular statement from homeowners. The explanation to this statement is: it is not as much about supply air as it is about return air. Most homes in Denver have adequate supply air registers; they lack enough RETURN air to pull the hot air out in the Summer or cycle enough air in the Winter. Adding return air ducts, or transfer grills to make direct paths to return air grills is usually the answer. We can do pressure diagnostics in an energy audit to determine if your duct system is balanced.


Consider inspecting your ductwork

If you have any duct work going through an unconditioned space (crawl space and attic space) you need to have it assessed. Leaking ductwork in unconditioned spaces allows AC and heat out of the distribution system and out of the house. Leaking ductwork in the conditioned space still heats or cools the structure, but if your ductwork is leaking in a crawlspace or attic space you’re losing money.

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