Loveland Home Energy Audit

Loveland Home Energy Audit

REenergizeCO is the most reliable home energy audit contractor in Loveland!

REenergizeCO is a full service energy auditing company in Loveland, CO. We start with a comprehensive energy audit, that brings a certified building performance analyst to your home for diagnostic testing that screens your home for the following:

  1. Under-performing or leaking windows and doors
  2. Air flow allocation to each room throughout the house
  3. Wall and attic insulation performance and depth
  4. Air sealing detection to ensure that the interior walls of the house are not a corridor for outside air to infiltrate the house

Once the house has been correctly diagnosed, we will provide you with a full report of what your home needs to be more efficient. With this list, the homeowner can choose a home energy audit company (preferably REenergizeCO) to perform the basic improvements to reduce the amount of energy lost and increase the amount of comfort in the home. Along with the energy audit, you will get an estimated savings value for each item on the list we recommend. This way you will be able to decide what services make sense for you and your family for future savings.

REenergizeCO will help facilitate all paperwork, guaranteeing that all eligible rebates are received from the local utilities and Energy programs.

If you are considering an energy audit for your Loveland home or office, give us a call for a free audit estimate (303) 227-1000