How Solar Power Helps Your Community

How Solar Power Can Benefit Your Community

You read a lot about all of the ways that solar energy can help your home. At REenergizeCO, we certainly believe that, too! However, the benefits of solar power go way beyond helping individual homeowners. Going solar is good for communities as well.

Public utilities and municipal governments are taking notice as more and more homeowners opt for solar power solutions. Stapleton and other neighborhoods in Denver are becoming the proving grounds for the community advantages of solar energy.

1. Lower Energy Costs

Like any product, electric power is subject to the laws of supply and demand. The higher the demand, the more the suppliers (public utilities) can charge for it.

But, when more homes generate their own power through solar panel systems, they rely on energy produced by the utility. The savings of solar don’t just apply to individual homeowners, but to all customers in the service area.

2. Improvements for the Environment

Most power plants run on fossil fuels. In order to create electricity, generators are usually powered by burning natural gas, coal, or oil. This results in a buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which leads to a host of issues ranging from air pollution to climate change.

The constant demand for power means more and more greenhouse gases are entering the air. According to the EPA, electricity generation is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

Widespread use of solar energy, however, reduces the need for energy from power plants. As a result, the dependence on fossil fuels is diminished. This in turn is beneficial for the local environment.

3. Taking Pressure Off the Grid

Delivering power to homes throughout a community or service area is a massive undertaking. In addition to the fuel demands of powering a city or town, the infrastructure to deliver electricity is enormous, as is the cost of maintaining it.

This is what people mean when they are talking about “the grid.” The core responsibility of public utilities is to maintain all aspects of the grid to keep power flowing constantly. It is a never-ending job, and one you and your neighbors pay for every month via your electric bill.

However, when individual homes generate their own electricity through solar power, this reduces the amount of power the grid needs to produce. And, when there is a surplus of power, homes with solar power that are connected to the grid can help support the community as a whole.

Integration and Storage of Solar Power

Solar integration and surplus output to the grid may help with energy consumption when the sun is out, but what about at night or in periods of inclement weather? To counter this issue, public utilities are exploring the possibilities of large-scale battery storage for solar power.

For example: Several years ago, Xcel Energy installed batteries in the Stapleton neighborhood as part of a pilot project to test “how battery storage can help integrate higher concentrations of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy on [the] system.” One of the stated goals of the project was to determine the effectiveness of batteries in managing fluctuations in solar power output.

4. Improving the Value of Homes

As more homeowners go solar, the value of properties with solar power systems will continue to grow. Homeowners who invest in solar power on their property enjoy not only energy independence but the satisfaction of helping their community and the environment.

If you sell your house, a functioning solar panel system is a major asset. According to Zillow, homes powered by solar can sell for over 4 percent more than a comparable house without solar power.

Solar panels are designed to be nonreflective, and they blend in seamlessly with roofing shingles and paneling. What’s more, neighborhoods with many houses utilizing solar tend to get a significant amount of sunshine, so they are already happier on average.

5. Local Economic Stimulus

Solar energy is a growing part of the U.S. economy. In Colorado alone, more than 7,000 people work in solar.

So, when you invest in solar, you are also investing in the people and companies that make the energy-efficient solutions for your home possible. Ultimately, this drives all of the other benefits we’ve discussed so far. Lower electric bills, a healthier environment, less demand for nonrenewable energy, and higher home values are all possible because homeowners like you push for an efficient, comfortable, and affordable way to power your home.

How Our Stapleton Solar Power Experts Can Help

Whether you want to be the first one on your block to have a solar energy system or you want to join your neighbors in having a home powered by renewable energy, contact REenergizeCO today to get started. Our team has installed hundreds of solar panel systems on homes throughout the Denver area, and we can help you, too.

We offer transparent upfront pricing so you know what to expect when budgeting your project. We also assist you with applying for incentives from Xcel Energy and other utilities.

To get started, please call (303) 227-1000 today. Our solar team serves homeowners in Stapleton and other neighborhoods of Denver.