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REenergizeCO is an energy efficiency company located in Colorado that offers professional solar power solutions for residential and commercial applications. Adding solar panels to your home or building can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, installing solar panels can reduce a carbon footprint by over 35,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year! To get that much carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere a homeowner would have to plant 88 trees every single year. Additionally, the average home saves about $84 per month on their electric bill by using solar energy to help power anything that runs on electricity.

What is Solar Power?

Solar energy is usable by capturing the sun’s light energy and turning into electricity to power your home or business. The sun releases energy called photons which travel 93 million miles to Earth in about nine minutes. Believe it or not, there is research that suggests that every hour, enough photons reach Earth from the sun to generate enough solar energy to power the entire globe. With the cost of solar power dropping rapidly, the world will soon be able to harness more and more of the sun’s natural power.

Why Should I Consider Solar Energy?

  • Solar panel systems are a great way for you to save money, no matter what your budget happens to be. We offer several different financing options starting as low as 2.25% for three years.
  • Installing a solar panel system in Denver or Fort Collins is a great investment. Solar energy technology is improving dramatically year-to-year, and as a result, financial incentives and rebates will decrease as solar energy becomes more prevalent around the state and country. There is a 26% tax credit for the total cost of the system. Some local utilities have additional rebates as well. Adding solar panels to your Colorado home will instantly add value to your property.
  • Solar panel systems are very durable because they are made of tempered glass that can withstand the ever-changing Colorado weather patterns (hail, sleet, snow, rain, and high winds). A solar panel system can also help extend the lifetime of your roof by shielding it from seasonal wear and tear.
  • With no moving parts and a 25-year protection-based warranty, there is zero for you to do. We will proactively monitor the systems for ten years as a bonus to you!
  • Solar energy systems are tied to the electric grid and do not require batteries to store any of their power. At times when your system ends up producing more electricity than you use, you will receive a credit for the electricity you send to the grid.
  • Solar panel systems can eliminate most of your electricity bill. With the right planning, your system may be able to generate enough electricity to meet your needs over a 12-month period. As long as your roof has enough space to install the right solar panel system, the power that your system will produce may effectively be able to eliminate your electric bill.
  • Solar panels can be installed virtually anywhere that receives direct sunlight for most of the day and is not blocked by trees or any buildings. Panels that face south will produce the most electricity, but you can also have panels that face east and west.

Installing Solar Panels on Roof

Benefits of Solar Energy in Colorado

It’s Clean

Solar Energy has little impact on the global climate.

It’s Infinitely Renewable

Wherever the sun shines, electricity can be generated.

Reduced Utility Costs

Almost half of the energy used in homes come from heating and cooling.

Increase The Value of Your Home

Home values rise at an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills.

Will Solar Save You Money?

Save With Solar

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How REenergizeCO Installs Solar Electricity Systems in Colorado

While installing solar panels in Colorado has become simpler over the years, it is not necessarily a DIY project. The process you can expect from REenergizeCO regarding a solar install is as follows:

  1. REenergizeCO calls all of our customers about inquiries they have had about solar power. We will talk about your expectations, and why you are interested in powering your home with solar energy.
  2. After a quick phone conversation, we ask you to send us your utility bills, so we have 12 months of data about your energy usage. As little as one month is needed, but we prefer a year snapshot.
  3. We then use software where we plug in the past usage, and we take a satellite view of the roof to make sure there is enough viable roof space to offset the usage of the homeowner.
  4. REenergizeCO strives to reduce your energy bills by adding efficiency measures like insulation and air sealing to decrease the size of the solar power system your house needs. Once we have run the numbers through our software, we’ll come to your house, meet you, and take a very close look at the efficiency of your home. If your house is a candidate for efficiency upgrades, we’ll add that to the software and adjust the solar power system accordingly.
  5. REenergizeCO is more than just a solar energy company. We care if your house is wasting energy and just offsetting a wasteful house doesn’t align with our goals. We want to make your home as efficient as possible while offsetting the smaller footprint, so your house is efficient and net zero.
  6. Once we’ve agreed on the efficiency scope and the solar power system, it is time to move forward with the install. First, we do a full structural analysis of the attic trusses to ensure the rafters can hold a solar power array. If upgrades are needed, we make them so we can add solar panels. This usually takes two days. Day one includes a full electrical job where we tie into the service panel and hang the inverter. We also do the panel layout in chalk on the roof.
  7. Day two consists of efficiency upgrades. We lay mounts and fly panels up to the roof and fasten them down. What a lot of people don’t know is after the second-day install, it usually takes 60-90 days for the system to be turned on and producing power.
  8. We then get a permit through the city, and handle all inspections from mounting, electrical, to the final utility turn on.

How Does a Solar Energy System Function?

First, sunlight will hit a solar panel on the roof of your home. The panels will then convert that light into a DC energy current which flows from the panel to the inverter. The inverter will convert the electricity from DC to AC which is what powers your home. Simple as that!

Keep in mind that a PV system often produces more energy than the average consumer needs. This excess energy that is produced is then fed back into the grid for other uses. This will result in a credit to the customer for the excess energy that their solar panel system has produced. It will also store extra energy for use on days where the sun is not prevalent. Net metering policies in Colorado are some of the best in the United States. A net meter will record the amount of energy your system sends to the grid and credit that back to you.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

When photons from the sun hit a solar cell within a panel on your roof, electrons are knocked loose from their atoms. When these electrons flow through the circuit of solar panel, electricity is generated. The more panels you have on your roof, the more electrons you can expect your panels to collect. This will ultimately lead to your solar panels producing more energy for your home.

What are Solar Panels Made Of?

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are composed of solar cells. These solar cells are made of semiconductors with a positive layer and a negative layer. In tandem, these layers create an electrical field just as a battery would.

How We Install Solar Panels

How do Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

Photovoltaic solar panels convert the sun’s energy into direct current electricity. Direct current electricity describes the process of electrons flowing through a circuit in one direction. Once the electrons reach an inverter, they are converted to an alternating current. In this stage, they are then fed back into a home’s electrical system and into the electrical grid.

Do I Need a Solar Battery?

Installing a battery as part of your solar energy system gives you the ability to store excess power for later use. Solar batteries are especially useful in fall and winter, when there are fewer hours in the day and inclement weather reduces the sunlight that reaches your panels.

Energy independence is a major benefit of solar batteries. The stored energy allows you to continue powering your home at all hours of the day, reducing your dependence on the grid and minimizing the likelihood that you will have to pay for electricity during expensive peak hours (2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, according to Xcel Energy). In the event of a power outage, you will be able to keep the lights on thanks to the surplus energy banked from your solar panel system.

Batteries are great for homes, as they can be configured for Time Of Use management and/or power outages. Most solar companies do not offer a protected load service panel backup option with their batteries; when the grid goes down, so do their batteries/rooftop system. Our solar systems with battery backup have an auto transfer switch that senses when the grid goes down and moves the entire solar system panels and batteries to power the house. This is very unique to our DC coupled systems.

If you are considering solar, you have the option to install a battery as part of the system. If you already use solar panels to power your home, adding a battery is an easy adjustment when performed by professionals. Contact REenergizeCO today for assistance optimizing your solar electric system!

Professional Solar Company in Colorado

At REenergizeCO we pride ourselves on energy efficiency and showing our customers in Denver and Fort Collins that they can fall in love with their home again. We grew tired of the standard cookie-cutter approach to solar power. Thus, began a journey to do things better. In an industry where complicated pricing models and confusing loans are the norms, we bring a breath of fresh air. Our focus is rather simple to understand. Our client’s goals are at the forefront of what we do and delivering the best solution possible is the only way we conduct our business.

We take a holistic approach to things and lead off our services with a complete home energy audit. This gives our clients a complete picture of everything that is going on with their home. It also allows us to target areas of opportunity inside the home to decrease consumption. Often this results in a smaller and more effective solar power system for the home.

When it comes to our solar panel system designs and installs, they are second to none. From the careful selection of each component to careful monitoring of our clients’ systems, we believe that all of the details matter.

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