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REenergizeCO provides home energy audits and improvement services along the Front Range

Our services are typically needed on older housing stock, hot, cold, or uncomfortable homes. We also improve homes that have crawlspaces, homes that have additions, homes with attic spaces, and homes that have high utility bills. A lot of homeowners that have just purchased a home want to know their home better by scheduling a Home Energy Audit. This shows homeowners where low hanging fruit energy upgrades exist. The REenergizeCO team will diagnose your entire home for any glaring energy inadequacies causing high bills or discomfort.

We pre-measure each home with an audit and install a custom efficiency package of improvements. Once the improvements are made, we perform a post-test to prove what we implemented actually improved energy consumption.

Services We Provide

We are here to answer any questions homeowners may have about living more comfortably, lowering energy bills, and feeling better about decreasing consumption on the energy grid.

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