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REenergizeCO by definition is “ReEnergizing our communities” one residential house at a time. We specialize in the existing housing stock and realize there is a multitude of very low hanging fruit energy efficiency upgrades that are inexpensive, yet yield huge utility savings and life-changing comfort. REenergizeCO employees are educated, clean cut young men. These guys are the type of people you want to show up at your home. Our in-house sales team is well educated in energy efficiency and each member started on the field crew so they know the install side of the business. The install crews are all trained in-house and we have a management team which oversees all aspects of each job to make sure no detail is missed.

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Working for the Wellbeing of Colorado Homes & Homeowners

REenergizeCO is a small, locally-minded home energy audit business–a dream come to fruition for two Colorado natives with a passion for construction and an affinity for business done right. Home energy audits have brought a kind of quality control to home improvements never seen before, and this trend is making our chosen profession that much more rewarding.

As an approved contractor for Xcel Energy as well as county-funded programs, the REenergizeCO team is solely focused on improving the quality and efficiency of homes, while giving homeowners excellent service at affordable prices.

At REenergizeCO, our directives have always been … do something you love. Provide high-quality services with no excuses. And pay back the community that raised you up by making it a better place for people to live.

REenergizeCO looks at specific areas in residential single family homes that could have been installed more efficiently. Here are some examples of our day-to-day services:

  1. The current ductwork in the home
  2. Wall and attic insulation
  3. Window and door weatherization
  4. The usage of high-performance light bulbs
  5. 95% efficient furnaces

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REenergizeCO does not hire outside contractors and instead we hire the kind of people you want showing up at your house.

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