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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation in Denver

Looking for a spray foam insulation company in Denver? Have you been living in the same home for a long time now? Are you looking to upgrade the quality of your insulation and decrease your energy bills? Older types of insulation in homes around Colorado deteriorate and cause problems for homeowners over time. Spray foam insulation can achieve a perfect fit every time eliminating voids and gaps between other building elements reducing air infiltration thus reducing energy loss. It doesn’t sag, settle or deteriorate like other conventional insulations. Learn more about the benefits of having spray foam insulation in your home below.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Benefits

Low pressure, closed cell polyurethane spray foam is the best insulation product available for homes in Denver. Closed cell spray foam is superior to other types of insulation for three reasons. Spray foam gives you the best R-value per inch (R-6 per 1″), and it acts as both an air barrier and a moisture barrier in one product. When applied, it forms a continuous barrier in the area it’s applied to (walls, roofs, floor rim joists, and corners of the home). Spray foam insulation is created on site by mixing two different liquids that react with each other very rapidly. When sprayed on a surface, the foam expands almost immediately to create a rigid foam sealant and barrier. The benefit that spray foam insulation has that no other insulation does is its ability to fill the smallest cracks and corners. More traditional forms of insulation do not have the ability to fit into these same small spaces.


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Spray Foam has R-value and Thermal Resistance

R-value is a value that measures a material’s resistance to heat transfer. The higher a material’s R-value is, the higher its resistance to heat passing through it is (this makes it a much better insulation). R-values are measured at 1-inch depths. Closed cell foam provides the highest R-values (depending on the application spray foam can be applied to the R-value needed for the project.)

Spray Foam as an Air Barrier

When building a home in Denver, it is very important to consider the strength of the air barrier that protects it. This is important because it improves your insulation’s performance as well as the air quality within your home. A faulty air barrier in your home can increase airflow and therefore the performance of the systems within decrease dramatically. A functioning air barrier also helps keep out unwanted things like pollen, dust, and insects from entering into your home through cracks, gaps, and crevices. Spray foam can be applied to these locations making your home airtight, and more energy efficient.

Spray Foam as a Moisture Barrier

Mold on Wall

Our closed cell spray foam is a “Class 2” vapor retarder, meaning that it prevents moisture from passing through the foam, and your house. This is most beneficial when used in crawlspaces. Because crawl spaces are susceptible to flooding, you want an insulation that will not collect water. This also keeps you from having to remove it if it comes in contact with water. As we are sure you know, a lot of moisture inside of your home can lead to harmful things like mold growth.

Health and Safety of Spray Foam

The spray foam we use is GREENGUARD Gold Certified® (formerly known as GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification). This low-pressure spray foam is the safest spray foam you can use in a residential setting. Our spray foam is fully cured 1 hour after application. This means that you can occupy the home much sooner. Most spray foams on the market take 24-48 hours before you can re-enter the home.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

I’ve used reenergizeco for multiple insulation projects and an energy audit. They have good service and do excellent quality work...
Charles Byron Vaughan
Initially we reached out to REenergizeCO for only an energy audit, but found them so trustworthy and enjoyable to work...
They have a crew of hard working and very polite individuals. Excellent results in making your home energy efficient. Highly...

Where is Spray Foam Insulation Installed?

A knee wall is a vertical surface that separates livable conditioned space from unconditioned space. They are commonly found in homes with two floors where an upstairs wall meets the attic space above the downstairs ceiling. If any rooms have changes in ceiling height like raised or vaulted areas, there are most likely exposed knee walls that desperately need spray foam. Our spray foam insulation experts use a two-part expanding spray foam. This is a state-of-the-art upgrade because it serves two purposes simultaneously. It insulates with a resistive insulation value of R-6 per inch of thickness, and it provides an air barrier that stops unwanted air movement. Typical knee wall insulation is decent, but we consider it non-performing if it isn’t supplemented with spray foam. An insulation batt that is defaced or missing spray foam essentially just becomes a dirty air filter.

Spray Foam Insulation Insulation

Our goal is to completely cover and air seal all exposed batts with spray foam. We like to compare this to a cold and windy day. Suppose you are wearing a decent sweater, but the cold air passes right through, rendering the sweater ineffective. The insulation quality of the sweater might be sufficient, however, a windbreaker is necessary for the sweater to do its job effectively.

In both attics and crawl spaces, spray foam is the windbreaker for your home’s sweater.

How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

The cost of spray foam runs higher than other forms of insulation, but it gives your tremendous value and pays for itself over time. Spray foam insulation has the highest R-value (R6/inch) out of all of our insulation products. It cures within one hour and can be applied in your attic, basements, crawl spaces, and garage. Find out more about pricing here.

REenergizeCO: Spray Foam Insulation Experts

At REenergizeCO, we want to ensure that all of our clients stay comfortable throughout the entire year. Spray foam insulation is a tremendous product that we install throughout the Denver metro area and the entire front range of Colorado. We don’t come to your home with sales tactics and pitches; we just shoot you straight. In the end, we want to give the highest quality service to you, and that is what we will do. Contact us now.

Commonly Asked Questions About Spray Foam Insulation

What is spray foam insulation made of?

Polyurethane spray foam insulation consists of two main ingredients: isocyanate and polyol. These are often used as insulation for things around your home such as refrigerators, couches, sports equipment, paints, and more.

How is spray foam insulation made?

Spray foam insulation is made on site by our contractors when they mix two liquids (isocyanate and polyol) to create an expanding spray. When these two liquids react, they form an expanding foam that fills and seals within seconds. Once applied, the foam sets very quickly and effectively seals air leaks and gaps.

What is unique about spray foam insulation?

Spray foam sticks to what it is applied to which forms a continuous air barrier. It sticks to any wall no matter how contoured it may be. Spray foam’s air stopping properties are unique in the fact that another form of insulation does not have to accompany it to make it more effective. Spray foam insulation only needs to be applied once, and you will begin seeing the benefits right away.

How long does spray foam last?

Spray foam will last you a lifetime. Spray foam can be set and then forgotten. It will not hold moisture and is mold resistant, so it will never need to be replaced. You can trust that your spray foam insulation will stay where it is installed until it is physically removed.

Is spray foam fire resistant?

Spray foam does contain fire retardants. However, if spray foam is exposed to sufficient heat and flame, it will burn because it is an organic material.

Can spray foam be installed onto masonry?

Yes, only closed cell spray foam can be installed unto masonry. Open cell spray foam cannot because it would become too wet.

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