Meet the team

We are Colorado born & raised and the community matters to us. Our expert, local technicians and whole-house energy audits are designed to help all Coloradans live more comfortably and cost-effectively in the homes they love.

Obsessed with productivity–and people–we are a team of well-educated employees, both experts in energy efficiency and trained in installation. More importantly, everyone at REenergizeCO is an employee as we do not hire outside contractors to complete any work. Also, we hire the kind of people you want showing up at your house.

Craig Zobec
Director of Operations

Craig has a background in Construction Management, where he holds a degree from Colorado State University. Craig oversees each job from conception to completion. Craig is co-founder of REenergizeCO and resides in Denver.

Casey Staley
Director of Sales

Casey was born in Parker and attended Colorado State University where he majored in the Management of Natural Resources. He is co-founder of REenergizeCO and resides in Denver.

Matt Scherer
Director of Solar

Matt was born in Ohio and attended Kent State University. He runs the Fort Collins office, and is an owner of REenergizeCO. He is the managing director of solar and he is the sales and opps manager for efficiency in Larimer County.

David Stevens
General Manager of Solar

David was Born in Virginia and attended James Madison University where he majored in Integrated Science and Technology. He currently oversees the solar division of REenergizeCO.

Dexter McNeail
General Manager of Efficiency

Dexter was born in Wisconsin and attended UW-Whitewater where he majored in marketing. He oversees the entire efficiency operation.

Daniel Gutierrez
Head Crew Lead of Efficiency

Daniel was born and raised in North Denver. His hobbies are playing video games, cutting hair and loving his two pitbulls.

Roger Diaz
Efficiency Team Lead

Roger is a 20 year old Colorado native who loves the outdoors and fishing. He strives to help his community any way he can.

Ronnie Ortiz
Efficiency Team Lead

Ronnie is 18 years old and was born and raised in Denver. He enjoys making music in his free time.

ReEnergizeCO - Denver home energy audits
Victor Bocardo
Efficiency Team Member

Victor is from Anaheim, California, where he did car photography and went to the Beach. He likes to spend his free time going out and seeing new places.

ReEnergizeCO - Denver home energy audits
Robert Gallegos
Efficiency Team Member

Robert (Rob) was born and raised from Denver. He’s infatuated with cars and loves animals.

Jorge Chaves-Romero
Efficiency Team Member

Jorge was born and raised in Denver. He loves all animals and enjoys fishing and watching basketball.

Juaquin Vigil
Efficiency Team Member

Juaquins love’s food most of all, specifically dessert. He also enjoys going out and playing basketball or playing with his dog.

Adam Lehman
Solar Crew Lead

Family, sports and food are my vibe!

Austin Stott
Solar Crew Supervisor

Born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. Attended Coconino Community College in Northern Arizona. He is Dedicated to making the world green with sustainable resources. Other than work he enjoys the great outdoors by backpacking and snowboarding.

Hugh Whitted
Master Electrician

Hugh was born in central Texas, and graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Biology. He is a master electrician in both Texas and Colorado, and enjoys spending his free time outdoors or playing tabletop games with friends and family.

Colleen Burke

Colleen was born in Washington and currently resides in Denver. She has a daughter at the Berklee School of Music and she does the bookkeeping for REenergizeCO.

Connie Jessen
Solar Project Coordinator

Connie is a Colorado native, she is the customer service rep at REenergizeCO who takes your project on after the solar panels are installed. She is the point of contact through the utility until the system is energized.

Nick Simone
Energy Auditor

Nick was born in Illinois and graduated from the University of Iowa. He enjoys fishing, hiking and watching sports in his free time.

Nick Malavasi
Energy Auditor

Nick graduated from the University of Colorado in 2019 and has been in the building science industry since 2020. He loves skiing, golfing, camping and spending time with his family

Cody Baker
Energy Auditor

Cody Baker is from Indiana and completed his undergrad at Indiana University, and finished his masters at Denver University in 2022. He finds fulfillment in having a positive impact on energy and sustainability at the local level. He enjoys nature, hockey, and will eat anything that doesn’t eat him first.

Marissa Valasquez
Energy Auditor

Marissa is one of our energy auditors around the Denver area. She is a Colorado native & enjoys concerts, working out & traveling.

Ashley Berg
Office Manager

Ashley is originally from Iowa and went to CU Boulder. In her free time, she likes going to concerts and reading. She’s here to help with all your rebate questions!

Jackson Geiger
Solar Team Member

Jackson was born and raised in Denver. In his free time he enjoys working on cars and riding dirt bikes.

Damien Fuentes
Crew Member

Damien enjoys spending time with his family, working on cars and learning new things.

Damien Law
Crew Member

Damien was born and raised in Denver. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing video games.

Gio Diaz
Crew Member

My name is Giovonnie and I am 20 years old. I like fishing and cars. I went to North high school and am a Denver native.

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