Meet Our Team

We are Colorado born & raised and the community matters to us. Our expert, local technicians and whole-house energy audits are designed to help all Coloradans live more comfortably and cost-effectively in the homes they love.

Obsessed with productivity—and people—we are a team of well-educated employees, both experts in energy efficiency and trained in installation. More importantly, everyone at REenergizeCO is an employee as we do not hire outside contractors to complete any work. Also, we hire the kind of people you want showing up at your house.


Craig Zobec

Director of Operations
Craig has a background in Construction Management, where he holds a degree from Colorado State University. Craig oversees each job from conception to completion. Craig is co-founder of REenergizeCO and resides in Denver.


Casey Staley

Director of Sales
Casey was born in Parker and attended Colorado State University where he majored in the Management of Natural Resources. He is co-founder of REenergizeCO and resides in Denver.


Matt Scherer

Director of Solar
Matt was born in Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Business. He founded GraySlone Solar INC.


David Stevens

General Manager
David was Born in Virginia and attended James Madison University where he majored in Integrated Science and Technology. He currently oversees the efficiency and solar divisions of REenergizeCO.


Jordan Spigel

Jordan was Born in Maryland and attended Ecotech institute where he majored in Energy Efficiency. He is a sales associate and estimator for REenergizeCO.


Dexter McNeal

Dexter was born in Wisconsin and attended UW-Whitewater where he majored in Marketing. He is the construction foreman for all of REenergizeCO crews.


Ryan Barry

Ryan was Born in upstate New York and traveled to the Key islands and California doing various jobs before landing at REenergizeCO over 2 years ago. He is an in home crew lead for REenergizeCO.


Justin Harrington

Justin was Born in Arizona and joined the Military. He is an in home crew lead for REenergizeCO with a positive attitude and a relentless work ethic.


Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is from New York and he moved to Colorado early in 2017.
He loves baseball, specifically the Yankees.


Dylan Friedman

Dylan was born in Arkansas and moved to Boulder for school. He attended the University Of Colorado and majored in environmental sciences. He is a hybrid sales associate, install member, and solar team member for REenergizeCO.


Mychael Leigh

Mychael was born in Oregon and went into the Navy. He is an install crew member for REenergizeCO and he graduated from EcoTech with a degree in Energy Efficiency.


Chris Gottschalk

Chris was Born in Glenwood Springs and worked at Aspen Snowmass for many years. Chris is an install crew member who came to REenergizeCO with years of efficiency experience.

Michael Fulford

Michael Fulford

Michael is from Shreveport, Louisiana. In his free time he enjoys fishing and football. He originally moved to Colorado for his love of the mountains.


Zoe Metropoulos

Zoe was Born in Ft. Collins and currently attends Front Range college. She does all rebate applications and is the office administrator for REenergizeCO.


Colleen Burke

Colleen was born in Washington and currently resides in Denver. She has a daughter at the Berkley School of Music and she does the bookkeeping for REenergizeCO.

What We Do

Now that you have taken the time to get to know us better, why not take a closer look at the services we offer?

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