What Does a Blower Door Test Do?

Understanding the Blower Door Test | REenergizeCO

Before making energy-efficient home improvements, it is crucial to know how your home is losing energy. You may have high monthly utility bills, feel drafts inside the house, and/or notice that your floors and walls […]

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Understanding How Solar Panels Work | REenergizeCO

Solar energy systems are a marvel of modern science and engineering. Today, millions of homes in the United States are powered by solar panels – a number that is only expected to grow in the […]

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Managing Home Energy with a Solar Battery

Installing Solar Battery Storage for Your Home | REenergizeCO

Homeowners who are considering solar often ask: How do I power my home with solar overnight? While a number of utilities in Colorado offer net metering – a practice where customers are credited for contributing […]

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Is Colorado Good for Solar?

Installing Solar Panels in Colorado

You’ve likely heard that Colorado experiences an average of 300 days of sunshine each year. This fact by itself should prove that Colorado is an ideal state for solar power. However, the prevalence of sunny […]

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