Whole House Fan

Whole House Fan

Looking for a way to reduce your energy bills and save money on air conditioning? Look no further than installing a whole house fan to solve your problems.

There is a big difference between an attic fan and a whole house fan. Attic fans only concentrate on circulating the air out of your attic. This air is above your insulation and does not have as big of a cooling effect as circulating the air inside of your home below your attic insulation. A whole house fan is designed to pull cool air from outside through the lower levels, and expel the hot air in your home through the attic, thus circulating the air in your entire home.

Benefits of Whole House Fans

A whole house fan is economical because it does not require much electricity to run (cheaper than running an air conditioner) and is quieter than other home cooling methods. Home energy improvement experts agree that a whole house fan can run more efficiently than the operating cost of an air conditioner.

Efficient Operation

Whole house fans are extremely energy efficient and are much more environmentally friendly than central air systems and A/C units. These fans operate by pulling hot air out of your home and into the attic, and from there, releasing that air outside of your home through vents. The space that is left by the extracted hot air is then replaced by cool, fresh air from outside of the house. Compared to a central air system, a whole house fan works much more rapidly, and you feel cooling effects in a matter of minutes. A whole house fan in Colorado should be run in the early morning, evening, and while you are asleep for the best results.

Low-Cost Operation

While running, a whole house fan can cost 10-25% less than an air conditioner. Most whole house fans use between 300-500 watts of energy. The typical air conditioner uses 3,000-5,000 watts of energy to cool your home. Because of this, you can save close to hundreds of dollars on your energy bill every summer by making the switch!

Improved Air Quality

As hot air is pulled out of the house, it is replaced by cool and fresh “new air.” It is important that you not run your A/C and whole house fan at the same time as to not lose new, cool air by it being sucked outside. All of the hot stale air that is trapped in your home is exhausted into the attic, and then pushed out through attic vents, cooling both your home and your attic!

Quiet Operation

A lot of people are hesitant about whole house fans because of the “so-called” noise that they generate. The truth is, newer whole house fan models operate at level with minimal noise as compared with older models. This is achieved by moving the fan further into the attic and connecting it with a large duct. Most people say it is similar to your furnace running. This means that you can utilize your whole house fan through the night and enjoy its perks without any annoyances.

Zero Maintenance

These fans are constructed with high-quality ECM motors and sealed ball bearing parts. There is nothing to grease, no filters to change, and no water lines to hook up. When you need it, it’s ready to go!

New Sleek Look

Modern whole house fans look much more streamlined than a classic whole house fan. Gone are the large 3′ x 3′ off-white louvers causing an eyesore in the foyer. Modern whole house fans finish to the ceiling with a clean 16″ x 24″ or 24″ x 28″ stamped face HV/AC Grill. These grills blend into the ceiling and look much nicer in your home.

What If I Already Have an Air Conditioner?

Whole house fans are a simple science. Homes have natural air exchanges of .5 to 2, so when you exaggerate this air exchange throughout the night, your house will cool to 60 degrees by morning. This allows two things to happen, the AC unit doesn’t run at night at all, and the AC unit won’t need to turn on until late in the day to help cool the home. This saves hours of AC runtime which results in savings on summer electric bills.

Commonly Asked Questions About Whole House Fans

Can I run my whole house fan without the windows open?

The only way for a whole house fan to work properly is if windows around your home are open. If your windows are not open, the fan can accidentally pull harmful backdraft from your home’s systems back into your home.

Can I run my whole house fan throughout the night?

Yes. in fact, you will benefit from running your whole house fan all night. Your fan will cool the structure of your home throughout the night so you won’t have to run your A/C nearly as much during the day. It is recommended that you run your fan at high speed for the first couple of hours and then turn it down to low speed until the morning. The longer the system runs, the more effective it will be in cooling your house.

Do I need an attic fan to remove the air out of the attic while using the whole house fan?

No, but an attic fan can also be used to supplement the whole house fan. The attic fan can run during the day to ensure that your attic does not reach too hot of a temperature. As a result, your whole house fan will run more effectively.

Are there rebates for a whole house fan?

For residents of Larimer County, there are rebates available for the installation of a whole house fan.

Can I run my whole house fan during the day?

At REenergizeCO, we recommend that you only run your whole house fan during times when it is cooler outside than it is in your home. If you choose, you can run your whole house fan during the day in the colder months.

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