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Can You Charge an EV with Solar?

People who buy electric vehicles tend to have two things in common. First, they are passionate about living a more sustainable lifestyle. Second, they are technology enthusiasts who like to be on the cutting edge.

It should come as no surprise that those who invest in solar energy for their homes are often just as excited about the prospect of powering their cars with the sun. However, charging stations for an electric vehicle (EV) are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

You need to find a solar EV charger that works for your home and vehicle usage, as well as your overall lifestyle. Keep reading for more information on how solar energy can be used to keep your household and EV running:

How Does Solar Charging for an EV Work?

Just as a charger plugged into a wall socket replenishes the battery of your phone, laptop, and other devices, an EV charging station utilizes your home’s electricity to power up the battery of an electric vehicle. The level 1 charger sold with most EVs can plug into a standard wall outlet.

Unfortunately, level 1 EV chargers are inefficient. It can take more than an entire day to charge an electric vehicle fully with a level 1 charger. And, because they draw on your home’s electricity, a level 1 EV charger can cost you a lot in terms of both kilowatt-hours and what you pay for monthly utilities.

Solar EV chargers improve on this situation in two ways.

First, solar chargers are classified as level 2 chargers. They are much more efficient than the standard charger you got when you purchased your EV. This means you don’t have to wait all day for your vehicle to get fully charged.

Second, because they are specifically designed to connect to a home’s solar energy system, the cost savings of solar power make charging your EV more affordable. Homeowners who rely on the grid for EV charging tend to pay much more each month for electricity.

What Do I Need to Do to Charge an EV with Solar?

Most home electrical systems are not set up to deliver the voltage needed for a level 2 EV charger. Therefore, solar EV charging stations require professional installation.

A qualified installer can discuss your choices for connecting the charging station to your solar energy system. These include:

  • Creating a dedicated circuit to charge your EV
  • Selecting a heavy-duty plug to increase the voltage from a standard wall outlet
  • Installing a specialized inverter

A number of different factors can determine the best EV charger for your home. These include not only your driving habits and energy consumption but the wiring in your house, the capacity of your solar energy system, and more.

What Should I Look For in a Solar EV Charger?

Just as buying an electric vehicle eliminates your reliance on fossil fuels, investing in a solar EV charger is the next step for homeowners and vehicle owners who want to assert their energy independence and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. An at-home EV charger allows you to “refuel” without hunting for charging stations in public parking lots or depending on the inefficient level 1 charger that came with your vehicle.

Many different companies today offer products for charging electric vehicles. However, only the SolarEdge Smart EV Charger is built to be 100% powered by the sun.

The Smart EV Charger from SolarEdge is compatible with current and newly installed solar energy systems. Because it is built specifically for homes that rely on solar power, you do not have to worry about making drastic adjustments to your home energy usage or installing more solar panels to accommodate your electric vehicle.

Instead, the “smart” capabilities of the EV Charger allow you to program the system to charge your vehicle no matter what the time and where you are. You can operate the SolarEdge Smart EV Charger from your computer or smartphone. In addition, you can schedule charging times for when your home electricity usage is at a minimum and/or when you have the capacity to draw from your solar battery storage.

Another important thing to look for in any EV charger is whether the equipment is rated for indoor and outdoor usage. This is especially important for homeowners who don’t have a garage and/or where installation of a charging station in the garage is not practical. The SmartEdge Solar EV Charger is outdoor- and indoor-rated.

Power Up with a Solar EV Charger

With the popularity of residential solar power and electric vehicles growing, it is crucial to work with a company you can trust to help you realize the full benefits of a sustainable home and lifestyle. At REenergizeCO, we are proud to handle all aspects of solar energy improvements – from designing and installing the system to ongoing support and monitoring.

REenergizeCO is proud to offer the SolarEdge Smart EV Charger for homeowners who want a premium solution for their electric vehicles.

Many electricians and general contractors lack the skill and expertise in solar energy systems to install an EV charging station and help you achieve your energy savings goals. When you work with our team, you can count on our knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to maximizing the benefits of solar power for your home energy use and driving needs.

Please contact REenergizeCO to discuss adding a solar EV charger to your home. We proudly serve homeowners in Denver, Fort Collins, and throughout the Front Range of Colorado.