Choosing the Right Solar Energy Company

What to Look For in a Colorado Solar Energy Company

So you’ve decided to install solar panels on your home. First of all, congratulations! The decision to go solar can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bill, not to mention the benefits for your property value, the local power grid, and the planet.

Now comes another difficult decision: Which solar company should I hire? With so many companies providing solar in Colorado, choosing the right provider may seem overwhelming.

There are a variety of factors to consider when you need a solar contractor. Keep reading for 10 important qualities to look for in a Colorado solar energy company.

1. Experience

As the saying goes, there is no substitute for experience. When it comes to solar energy, there are three different ways to consider a company’s experience:

  1. Years in business
  2. The years of experience each solar team member brings to the table
  3. Number of installs

Installing solar panels is a skill learned over time and through on-the-job training. So, you should ask not only how long the company has been in business and how much experience the team has, but how many installation jobs the company has completed in your community.

2. Inventory

The popularity of residential solar power systems has grown significantly. You have a wide variety of solar panel options to choose from, but it may be difficult to know which is right for your home.

When you consult a solar energy company about these options, it is important to confirm that the company offers the solar panels you are considering. If you have questions, the company should also provide guidance on considerations such as the manufacturer, the type of solar panel (example: polycrystalline vs. monocrystalline), the longevity of the panels, spacing on your roof, and more.

3. Price

The overall price of a solar power system for your home will depend on a number of different factors, including the size of your home, your energy needs, and more. Although it may not be possible to quote you an exact price, the company you choose should provide a realistic estimate so you can budget accordingly.

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4. Financing

Solar power for your home is an investment. Although the system will pay for itself over the years and many local utilities offer rebates and incentives to go solar, homeowners are often intimidated by the cost.

In addition to transparent pricing, many reputable solar energy companies offer financing options that allow you to pay for the system over a set period of time via manageable monthly installments. Solar financing varies by installer, so it is important to discuss the available plans and find the one that’s right for you.

REenergizeCO offers financing plans at 7, 12, and 15 years for $0 down.

5. Warranty

Considering the price of installing a solar energy system, it is important to have confidence that the panels and other equipment will work long-term. While solar panels can last 25 years or more before replacement is required, the warranty is a key consideration when choosing both a solar panel system and an installer.

In fact, there are several warranties you should know:

Equipment Warranty

The equipment warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the solar panels and other components of the system. It guarantees that the equipment will function for a specified number of years, and provides for no-cost replacement of equipment in the event of a failure or defect within the timeframe of the warranty.

Performance Warranty

The manufacturer of the solar panels also provides a warranty on the performance of your system. This warranty guarantees a certain level of solar output over a specified number of years.

In the event that the power generated by the system falls below the level guaranteed by the warranty, repair and/or replacement of underperforming solar panels will be performed at no cost to you.

Workmanship Warranty

In addition to warranties offered by the manufacturer, reputable solar installers provide warranties on the work they perform. A workmanship warranty guarantees the labor of the company. If your solar energy system requires service during the warranty period, the work will be performed for no charge.

REenergizeCO offers a 25-year protection-based warranty and monitors your solar panels for 10 years at no extra charge!

6. Reviews

Most people find home service providers by reading online reviews. As you read reviews and watch video testimonials for different solar installers, look and listen to what customers have to say about:

  • The cost of services
  • Commonsense recommendations vs. costly, questionable upgrades
  • The professionalism and respectfulness of the team
  • The quality of the work
  • The results (in the case of solar, energy savings)

Although you can find reviews on Google and social media, websites like HomeAdvisor are generally the best place to read reviews specifically for home service providers.

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7. Professionalism

Nobody wants to have work done on their home that makes a mess or causes damage. The best contractors are respectful of your time and your property.

Reviews are a good way to learn what it’s like to hire a particular company, but you may also get a sense of the customer experience during the process of getting bids. If the company tries to rush you into a sale, dismisses your questions, or doesn’t get back to you, it may be best to look at a different solar energy company.

8. Assistance with Incentives

The job of your solar panels is just beginning once the installation is complete. By the same token, the company you hire should not simply call it a day once the work is done.

Xcel Energy, Fort Collins Utilities, and other utility companies in the Front Range offer rebates and other incentives for customers who adopt solar power systems. The solar energy company should not only handle the installation but help you with the application and any other paperwork for incentives and rebates through your utility.

NOTE: Qualifying for rebate and incentive programs may require you to work with a contractor preferred by the utility. Check your utility provider’s website for conditions of the program.

9. Local Knowledge

Designing and installing a solar panel system doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your system must undergo a permitting and inspection process before it can begin generating power.

Local solar companies build relationships with city inspectors and public utilities. They know the building codes, zoning codes, and utility regulations in the communities they serve, which streamlines the permit process. Hiring a local company also ensures knowledge of local conditions such as sunlight, weather, and more, resulting in optimal positioning of solar panels.

REenergizeCO has offices in Denver and Fort Collins and serves all of the Front Range.

10. Complementary Services

Solar power is one of the leading solutions for homeowners to save money on energy. However, it is not the only option for lowering your electric bill.

At REnergizeCO, we perform a home energy audit for each customer who chooses us to install their solar panel system. The energy audit enables us to identify areas of inefficiency and provide recommendations for improvements.

With the insights from the audit, our customers often start saving money through small changes that reduce their home energy consumption. Improved efficiency makes their solar energy system that much more effective!

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