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Get Free Home Upgrades To Reduce Energy Bills

DENVER (CBS4) Houses are hot and energy bills are high, but there may be some free help to offer. The city of Denver is reaching out to families to help them reduce their energy needs. Many residents might be surprised at what help they can get free of charge.

Greenprint Denver is offering free energy-efficient light bulbs, free programmable thermostats, and even free insulation for attics.

The Torres family is hot and huddles under a tree for comfort. Their landlord says her monthly energy bills are high $300 or more. So a team of energy experts has put in free energy-efficient light bulbs. A crew also changed out an old thermostat for a free one that can be programmed to save money. And another crew sealed the attic and installed new insulation.

It helps you keep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, a worker with GB3 Energy Solutions said.

The changes should also reduce the energy bills in the Torres home by 30 percent.

The free services are available to families in Denver who qualify. If a single person makes $32,000 or less, he or she qualifies for the program. A couple with four children can earn up to $90,000.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 resident $32,670
  • 2 residents $43,130
  • 3 residents $55,590
  • 4 residents $67,050
  • 5 residents $78,510
  • 6 residents $89,970

But even for those who don’t qualify financially, Greenprint Denver will send a consultant out to their house free of charge to advise them on what changes should be made to save money every month.

Source: CBS4 Denver, Colorado

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