BPI Certified Home

Is Your Contractor BPI Certified?

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is a nationally recognized certification and quality assurance entity for home performance contractors. The BPI focuses on a “house as a system approach,” as it emphasizes the interdependence of buildings and how they relate to energy consumption.

Due to strict standards, BPI certified contractors are in high demand – from homeowners, state and utility energy efficiency incentive programs, and weatherization assistance programs. In fact, over 110 of these programs specify BPI credentials across the nation.

What is a BPI Certification?

It is often overlooked that out of 128 million homes in America, many of them were constructed before new, modern building codes were put in place. Because these homes were built without up-to-date guidelines for designing, building, and maintenance, they are responsible for some of the unnecessary fossil fuel consumption across the country.

Believe it or not, homes are responsible for more than 20% of greenhouse gasses across the country. This number will, unfortunately, continue to rise nationwide as the age of homes increases and the quality of homes decreases. Unfortunately, when contractors are not BPI certified, they are not prepared to identify the correct issues and provide useful solutions to them.

BPI Certification Highlights These Areas

Thermal/Pressure Boundaries Weatherization and Insulation Diagnosing Air Leakage

Blower Door Testing

Combustion Testing

Heating and Cooling Systems
The Building Shell Building Science

Lighting and Appliances

BPI Certificatied Contractors Provide Services

A BPI certification allows contractors to acquire new skills that they can be applied in multiple areas of home improvement:

  • Weatherization
  • Energy audits
  • Insulation services
  • HVAC
  • Residential construction
  • Home inspections
  • Air quality analysis

Teaching these skills makes BPI certifications a highly desirable and necessary aspect of the industry. Being BPI certified can allow contracting businesses to retain current clients and also bring on new ones due to high demand. Using “building science technology” to help solve customers heating, cooling, and air issues, allows a BPI Certified company provide a safe, comfortable, and long-lasting home for their clients.

BPI Certified Home - Denver home energy audits

BPI Certified Company in Denver

A BPI certification gives a contractor the knowledge and skills to be able to identify deficient attributes in older homes in Denver. Contractors with a BPI certification are in high demand of late due to local and regional government agencies now requiring a BPI credential to be able to be eligible for any weatherization or energy audit-related tax credits.

At REenergizeCO, we are a BPI Certified Company that has serviced over 415 homes in Denver, 153 in Fort Collins, 92 in Loveland, and many more across the entire front range of Colorado. BPI has been able to provide us with professional certifications that have allowed us to raise the bar in your home’s energy performance! We are also:

  • LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), which signifies that we are a leader in the field of energy efficiency and serve as an active participant in the green building movement.
  • Xcel Energy Top Gun Rebate Producer four years running. Only approved home energy auditors can offer Xcel Energy home energy audit rebates. Not every auditor provides home improvement services. If you would like to know if your auditor offers energy improvement services, you should call Xcel Energy.
  • ENERGY STAR Partner. ENERGY STAR is a nationally recognized mark on products, appliances, homes, and buildings. Diverse networks of 18,000 businesses and organizations have become ENERGY STAR partners since the mark was introduced. ENERGY STAR continues to be a powerful tool to promote energy efficiency because it is a trusted and widely recognized name and symbol.

We participate in the Denver Energy Challenge which helps residents make home energy upgrades easy and affordable. Free, neutral energy advisors work with Denver residents to identify energy goals, develop a tailored Energy Action Report for each home, provide guidance on rebates, tax credits, and low-interest financing, review bids, select a contractor and act as an expert resource until the work is complete.