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How Do You Prepare for an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is crucial for identifying potential issues with your home’s energy efficiency and determining solutions to lower your electric bills. Xcel Energy recognizes REenergizeCO as the top rebate-producing home energy audit contractor in the Denver Metro area.

The energy auditors at REenergizeCO are committed to helping homeowners save on electricity. A comprehensive diagnosis of your home is the first step in making energy- and money-saving upgrades.

Please call (303) 227-1000 today to schedule your energy audit. REenergizeCO serves homeowners in Denver and throughout the Metro area.

What Is Involved in an Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is an assessment of the energy efficiency of a residential home. It is performed according to the established principles of building science, industry standards for housing efficiency, and local building codes.

If you are concerned about energy costs or just want to make your home and lifestyle a little greener, an energy audit is the best way to get started. A typical Xcel home energy audit consists of the following:

  • Blower door test, which is a way to check for air leaks
  • Checking for temperate differences with a thermal imaging camera
  • Assessment of your home insulation
  • Inspection of combustion appliances (ex: furnace, water heater, etc.)
  • Analysis of your utility bills over the last year

Xcel Energy provides a generous rebate when you choose a participating contractor to perform the home energy audit. You can get up to a $100 rebate for the standard audit, up to $160 for a standard audit with blower door test, or up to $200 for an audit with blower door test and infrared imaging.

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Do I Really Need an Energy Audit?

You can, of course, make upgrades to your home without the aid of an upfront assessment. The problem with this approach is spending money on improvements without the valuable information you get from a professional energy audit.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your insulation, install solar panels, or make other improvements, there is simply no substitute for the guidance provided by a professional home energy auditor. By getting an energy audit, you will know what issues you have and be able to move forward with confidence if you decide to invest in any energy efficiency improvements.

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Preparing for the Audit

Once you have scheduled the energy audit, there isn’t a whole lot you need to do to get ready. The audit usually takes a couple of hours and you will need to be home for the assessment, so one of the most important things to do is update your calendar and allow enough time. (In other words, don’t just try to fit it within your lunch hour.)

Additional steps you should take to get ready for a home energy audit include:

1. Gather Your Paperwork

The energy auditor will review your energy usage and bills for the last 12 months. You can find this information online through your Xcel Energy account, or you can put the bills in a file if you print them out or get them mailed to your address.

2. Know Your Home

You will be asked a few basic questions about your home so the auditor can conduct a more accurate assessment. These questions include the year it was built, the size of the house, how many rooms you have, any previous energy upgrades you or a previous owner made, etc. It is helpful to have this information handy on the day of the energy audit.

3. Make a List of Problems

Whether you write it down or make a mental note, it is important to tell the auditor about any drafts, hot and cold spots, musty smells, and other issues in your home. These may be signs of degraded or inadequate insulation, poor air seals on doors and windows, and more.

4. Clear Away Clutter

The energy auditor will access areas of the house that many homeowners don’t think about much. It is important to make sure clutter is not blocking any of the following spaces:

You should also make sure the water heater, furnace, and other appliances are readily accessible for the auditor.

Finally, if your home has a fireplace, make sure to sweep out the ash pit. This will prevent ashes from blowing into your house during the blower door test.

5. Close and Latch Windows and Doors

The goal of the blower door test is to measure how airtight your home is. It is crucial to make sure all doors and windows are securely fastened. This way the test will only reveal fluctuations stemming from air leakage rather than that upstairs window you forgot to close.

Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

Getting a home energy audit has a number of benefits. If you want to use less energy, lower your monthly utility bills, or gain a better understanding of your options for improving energy efficiency, REenergizeCO can help.

The energy audit is the foundation of our services. We have a team of BPI-certified energy auditors who can provide you with a thorough analysis of your home’s performance and expert-level recommendations for upgrades. 

Contact REenergizeCO to get started. Our professional energy auditors serve homeowners in Denver and all of the Colorado Front Range.