Energy Savings Myths

8 Home Energy Myths You Should Never Believe

When scanning the web for energy saving tips, it is common to come across tips that simply aren’t true. Whether you are wondering if you should keep your AC vents open or close, or if your appliances should be turned off to save energy, countless myths exist that can lead you astray. At REenergizeCO, we believe in educating the people of Colorado about these common energy myths so they can avoid them in the future. In turn, we hope that by avoiding these myths, you will save energy throughout the year.

Below are eight common energy myths that you should never believe:

Using a Fan Keeps a Room Cooler

A common misconception about fans is that their purpose is too cool things down. In reality, a fan’s purpose is to move air, not cool it. While having a fan running in a room may allow for the people within it to feel cooler, it is not actually cooling the temperature of that room. As a result, leaving a fan on is simply wasting energy as it is not actually cooling the desired space at all.

Setting the Thermostat Higher Heats Your Home Faster

What most don’t know is that no matter what temperature you set your thermostat, your furnace or boiler still works just as hard to achieve that desired temperature. What happens when you set the system to a higher degree is your system has to work harder for longer periods, and consequently, uses more energy. This same concept applies to air conditioning units when you set them to a lower temperature that you desire.

Closing Vents and Registers in Rooms That Are Not Being Used Saves Energy

Your HVAC system will produce enough air flow to fill the air ducts throughout your home and will do so even if you have closed one or more of the vents in your home is closed. Closing your vents will simply redirect the flow of air away from one room to the other. With extra airflow being transferred to open vents, the overall air pressure increases in the system and causes it to work harder than it needs to.

Hand-Wash Dishes Over Putting Them in The Dishwasher

Hand-washing your dishes requires a lot more hot water than you would think, and consequently, a lot of energy. Most modern dishwashers have energy efficient settings and do not use nearly the amount of water as running the sink. Less water means less energy.

Your Appliances Don’t Use Energy When They Are Off

Newsflash, your appliances all use energy while they are off. You can thank standby power settings. While these settings allow appliances to be ready for immediate usage, they also allow appliances to use energy constantly. Unfortunately, this cannot be prevented unless you unplug the device altogether.

Electronic Chargers Don’t Use Energy if They are not Plugged Into a Device

Most chargers still use energy even when they are not plugged into a device. If your charger is warm to the touch, it is likely using power from the outlet. To avoid your chargers using up unneeded energy, unplug them when they are not in use.

Most of a Home’s Heat is Lost Through Windows

While a certain amount of a home’s heat can be lost through its windows, it is not the place where most of it is lost. In fact, most of a home’s heat is lost through its walls, specifically in the attic and crawlspace or basement. In most homes in Colorado, the walls account for most of the heat lost in a home because of their large surface area. To avoid conditioned air being lost in your home, contact REenergizeCO for a full-service home energy audit. After we gather results from your audit, we can determine whether or not your home insulation needs to be upgraded.

Buying an Efficient HVAC System Will Automatically Reduce My Energy Bills

While this is true to some extent, you won’t realize the true extent of the savings you could be experiencing if the rest of your home is not energy efficient as well. Many duct systems are improperly installed and could cause your home to lose up to a third or more of energy produced by the HVAC system. The new, energy efficient system would also not work as intended if your home is not properly insulated, has older windows, and is missing other efficient energy upgrades.

REenergizeCO: Serving The Energy Needs of Colorado Residents

We hope that the myths we’ve presented above have given you some insight into what not to believe when it comes to home energy efficiency. Whether it’s solar power, insulation, or HVAC Systems, we take pride in providing the highest quality of service and information. Whether if you live in Fort Collins, Denver or anywhere in between, if you have any questions regarding home energy efficiency upgrades, please don’t hesitate to contact us.