How Long Can You Expect Solar Panels To Last?

How Long Do Solar Panels Last

Ever wonder how long solar panels last after they are installed? This is a common question asked by many people when they are considering converting to a solar energy system. While this is a fair question to ask, many are surprised to find that solar panels have a longer lifespan than they expect.

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Why are the Rooms in My House Different Temperatures?

Thermal Image of Home

The colder weather is here. This time of year not only affects the temperatures outside but inside as well. Have you recently been experiencing cooler temperatures in various rooms throughout your home? Is one room comfortable and the next cold? This issue is not uncommon and happens homeowners all over Colorado. The good news is that this problem can be fixed, and is usually attributed the issues that we point out in the following post.

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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

The cost of spray foam insulation is intimidating to the average homeowner in Colorado, and deservedly so. A lot of people overlook and dismiss the option of spray foam insulation, not knowing all of the facts about this fantastic product and the benefits it can have for your home or business. Like it or not, spray foam insulation outperforms all other types of insulation by outstanding margins and will pay for itself over its lifetime

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What is the Best Time of Year to Insulate a Home?

When to add home insulation

The process of installing insulation includes many steps that you must think about carefully. What is it going to cost? How much do you need? What kind do you need? All of these questions are very important to consider, but perhaps another question you should answer is, what is the best time of year to insulate? The answer is, right now!

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Is Colorado a Good State for Solar Energy?

Colorado is Good for Solar Energy

Colorado is one of the best states in America for solar power, offering favorable solar laws, incentives, and more. The state also provides a supportive environment for solar energy with several large solar projects in the state and much more in development.

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Is Your Contractor BPI Certified?

BPI Certified Home

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is a nationally recognized certification and quality assurance entity for home performance contractors. The BPI focuses on a “house as a system approach,” as it emphasizes the interdependence of buildings and how they relate to energy consumption. Due to strict standards, BPI certified contractors are in high demand – from homeowners, state and utility energy efficiency incentive programs, and weatherization assistance programs. In fact, over 110 of these programs specify BPI credentials across the nation.

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