How to Fix a Drafty Door

Fixing a Drafty Door

Drafts are a common issue homeowners in Colorado face. Although comfort is the primary concern when it comes to air leaks around a home’s exterior doors, a draft from one or more doorways can result […]

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Why Are LEDs More Efficient?

Energy-Efficient LED Light Bulb

Years ago, switching from incandescent bulbs to LED (light emitting diode) lights would have been an investment many households could not make. However, changing prices and wider acceptance have made LEDs the bulb of choice […]

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What Is an Xcel Energy Audit?

Xcel Home Energy Audit

Whether they want to save money on their monthly electric bill or they are concerned about their carbon footprint, many homeowners want to reduce their energy consumption. Before you can reduce your usage, however, it […]

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What to Look For in a Home Insulation Company

Finding the Best Home Insulation Company

The hottest days of summer are almost here. Although most people think about the insulation needs of their homes in fall and winter, a well-insulated home is also crucial for staying comfortable and saving on […]

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How Much Are Solar Panels in Colorado?

Price of Solar Panels in Colorado

Solar energy is an investment for any homeowner. However, it is a common misconception that going solar refers strictly to setting up solar panels. In reality, a variety of factors can impact how much it […]

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Understanding Your Energy Bill

What Energy Bill Terms Mean

As everyone tries to save money in this uncertain time, it is a good idea to take a long, hard look at your monthly expenses and find ways you can cut costs. Until now, you […]

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