Solar Panels in Denver Colorado

The Advantages of Solar Power

Here at REenergizeCO, we are all about reducing energy and saving money. It’s good for your house, good for your wallet, and good for the world. What’s not to love?

Unfortunately, solar energy is one of those topics that everyone has heard of but almost no one really understands. There was a time when it was considered “far-out,” “futuristic,” and “impractical.”

But times have changed, and technology has progressed. While it might not make your nightly newscast, here is a headline that could mean more for your family than whatever’s going on in the White House: Solar energy is a very real, affordable, and extremely practical thing that families all across Colorado are installing.

We aren’t suggesting you completely unplug yourself from the power company! Instead, it’s possible to use solar panels as an adjunct to your other energy sources and save a ton in the process.

How much, exactly? Let’s look at the advantages!

The Many Benefits of Solar Power in Colorado Homes

With solar panels on your home, you can:

  • Reduce your home’s carbon footprint by more than 35,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.
  • Save an average of $84 a month on your home energy bill.
  • Increase your home’s value by more than $20,000.

Those aren’t small numbers. In fact, to get that same amount of carbon dioxide out of the environment on your own, you’d have to plant 88 trees on your lawn every single year! Is your backyard big enough?

Other benefits of solar power include:

  • They make almost no impact on the global climate.
  • You can feel good about living a greener lifestyle.
  • Your home will have a unique selling point. (Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular among young homebuyers.)
  • Solar energy is entirely renewable. It doesn’t run out.

Benefits of Solar Energy in Colorado

Our Approach to Installing Solar Power in Colorado Homes

Would you describe the relationship you have with your home as a love story? If not, it’s time for that to change!

We want you to be head over heels about the place you live, and we think the sleek beauty and big savings of solar panels can help you fall in love all over again.

At REenergizeCO, we’ve developed a more straightforward approach to solar panel installation than the one most providers are using. The old model is still stuck in the days when solar energy was a sci-fi novelty for very rich people. Today, it’s confusing and misleading, and homeowners don’t have a good sense of what they’re getting or how much they really need. The loan process becomes confusing too.

For us, it all begins with a Home Energy Audit. If you’ll invite us in as a guest for just two hours, we’ll use state-of-the-art, non-invasive technology to get a complete picture of your home’s current energy profile.

We’ll see where you’re losing energy, where you’re spending too much money, and the ways you could benefit from solar savings.

It might be that you don’t need a massive “solar system” in your home. A more mid-scale approach might be appropriate. Our energy audit will give you a clear understanding of what you really need and why.

From there, we offer clear and transparent pricing, not to mention professional and industry-accredited installation services.
We think there’s no better approach to installing solar power in Colorado homes than ours at REenergizeCO.

Star Your Solar Journey Today | Solar Energy Installation in Denver, CO

When it comes to solar energy at the residential level, success is in the details. We want to work with you to find the perfect and most cost-effective solar solution for your family, one that will reawaken your passion for the place you call home.

Take your next step into 21st-century living. Contact REenergizeCO and learn more about your options for solar energy installation in Denver and throughout Colorado.